Ideal perfume as a gift
 Many times I have wondered how to choose the perfect fragrance for a gift. I want to share with you my thoughts. This time we will choose a gift for a woman.

First of all, you need to define a few "rules of the game."

First: If the person I want to make a gift, living with me in the same city, and we with him quite a close relationship, then the best option will instead go shopping, try different flavors to remember her reaction to them, and then buy a perfume, which she liked most. We will choose a gift for the aunt with you Think times a year, or a cousin who lives in the Far East.

Second: You can say that it is not necessary to buy perfume as a gift to a person you do not recognize. However, if you still happened that something must give, the spirits are not worse than, say, candy, clothing, vases and interior. The probability that the gift will not taste the same in all these cases.

Third: It is better to choose a fragrance that can be easily purchased at the online store or perfume shop - if Aunt wants to buy another bottle, she will not have to go after him to Florence or Tokyo.

Fourth: The price of perfume, for example, should not exceed $ 100. Spend more for the purchase of spirits for almost a stranger I find illogical.

Fifth: We will choose the fragrance for an adult woman. How to determine the "maturity"? .. Let's say that a woman over 18 years old. If you need to buy a perfume gift for sixteen nieces, then it will approach a set Marc Jacobs Daisy, and if you do you give her nepodoshedshie probes, it will be quite happy.

So, after a long and difficult deliberation, I propose such options ideal gift:

Hermes Kelly Caleche . Soft floral fragrance with notes of iris, lily of the valley, mimosa and tuberose, surrounded by a chord of rose and leather. He's cute, but not pretentious, released under the name of famous brand Hermes, which guarantees the quality, it can be worn both at work and at play, and it is placed in a beautiful bottle. You can also pay attention to Caleche Caleche Eau Delicate or the same brand.

Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere . Again, this is the flavor of the famous brand, and is traditionally the highest quality. It has a classic, but not arrogant character, and like the previous fragrance, suitable for almost any occasion. The composition is softer and lighter interpretation No. 5 with notes of aldehydes, jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, iris, amber and patchouli. For one thing: this perfume is a bit more expensive than the declared me $ 100, but probably in the online stores you can find it cheaper.

Bulgari Pour Femme . The elegant bottle and the name of Bulgari is associated with many luxuries. It's clean and sensual fragrance with the unique notes of tea with jasmine sambac, mimosa, fresh flowers and rose Prelude. You can also buy body lotion and shower gel with the same scent.

Among the fragrances that I thought to include in this list, but then dropped the idea: Prada Infusion d'Iris (some people can not catch the smell), different perfumes Vera Wang (adorable bottles, but the compositions seem boring) and Eclat d 'Arpege (decided not to include in the list of the flavors in the spirit of Light Blue - they were already rather tired of all).

But I certainly would not have become donate, so it is Chanel No.5. For connoisseurs of perfumes this perfume is a legend, a symbol of his time, an outstanding creation, no matter whether they like the smell or not - it is valuable primarily for its uniqueness. For the rest, the "ordinary" people who are not fond of perfume, Chanel No.5 may seem banal or even "duty" gift, as if you just wanted to give something to the "classical" and thought over the gift no more than five seconds.
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina