Perfume rarity - Cardin de Pierre Cardin
 If you choose to Cardin de Pierre Cardin adjective, then it will certainly be the word "perfume".

"Man - a brand", "the man, who managed to sell the name" always worthy of admiration. And such a man is Pierre Cardin, who claimed to be a woman who can not afford the clothes haute couture, will realize their dream of luxury, using cosmetic products fashion house. And such changes can be made with any of the products. It Cardin managed every day filled with luxury and glamor, whether at home, on the street or in your office. Other fashion houses also act in a similar manner. For example, Versace produces tea sets, Armani covered. However, Pierre Cardin was severely punished for svoevolnichestvo in matters of luxury and was expelled from the Chambre Syndicale, because it began to create fashion Prêt-a-Porter. But soon his membership in the syndicate has been restored, and clothing Ready to Wear has become a mass phenomenon.

Today Cardin continues to mean something more than the designer, but that is only because so he decided Couturier. Do you have the courage to say that it was not right? Maybe so. Perhaps Cardin made the mistake of trying to cover all aspects of fashion. But that's why we are now witness Prada LG Mobile Phones and Dolce & Gabbana Motorola. Perhaps an ironic attitude towards such brands from fashion snobs will gradually disappear, although they still continue to argue that the fashion house has long sold out. Or suddenly, another fashion designer will be bold enough to do something like that. Interestingly, when the world is aware of fashion'a correctness of this track?

Cardin de Pierre Cardin was released in 1976 and became the first female fragrance fashion house .  Currently, however, is almost forgotten Cardin .  Top citrus notes Cardin gradually fade, but it is not unpleasant: a moment of soft freshness and here it is already becoming only a memory .  Immediately after the start of the soft deceptive we plunge into the world of rich, humid and sultry scents that, despite the fact that a well-mixed, become the source of a unique fragrance, which is more typical for modern, light, airy scents .  The central and basic notes, seems to resonate with each other, weaving a web of fragrant smells of flowers and dense aphrodisiac musk and even enveloping overtones .  Luxury Rose interacts with the sweetness of pure ylang ylang and jasmine exquisite .  Makes itself felt and incense .  Somewhere in an hour, the passion and the heat softened Cardin .  Our bouquet starts to sound deeper, revealing aromas with notes of oak moss and labdanum raw land, and soon heard the notes of musk and civet .  The scent becomes amazingly smooth and creamy, recalling the foundation Ivoire, only a well-mixed, with more muted moss notes that do not focus on itself .  If you choose to Cardin adjective, then it will certainly be the word 'perfume' .  Despite the fact that the scent is very beautiful, it is quite old-fashioned, however, it is amazing .  Despite the copious amounts of civet and musk in the composition, it has not turned hypersexual .
Author: Ann, New York