Perfumery school in Languedoc
 Today it was almost over. After trying more than 30 essential oils, my girl chose four of which will now be created perfume and massage oil. Each of odors proved an aphrodisiac. I have not tried it, but felt a strange thrill of it all.

An exotic cocktail of cinnamon, spicy clove, ginger and peppermint - is the result of a new course, in which we are gathered and mixed ingredients to eventually create its own means of organic therapies. All this happened at a spa DIY, which is located in an ideal location. Le Couvent - elegant castle of the XVII century, with floors in antique stone, small ponds and massage room, in which we have created and regaled us by means.

The very location of this hotel is its trump card . Alpine National Park Languedoc filled with the cleanest air in all of France, its climate and soil - a haven for wild flowers and herbs. So our day started with a trip to the Valley of the Nice serpentine road through the thicket of chestnut trees, alpine meadows to where clary sage and mint growing near the California poppy and verbena.

Distant farm, surrounded by wooded mountains, and was the place where our teacher, Peter Sefton, grows ingredients for aromatherapy. It does not recognize the fertilizer and relies on the power of nature - and its yields are not called small or flawed. I plucked a sprig of sage, breathed and is said to be sensitive perfumers, it completely blew me away.

Going down into the valley to the other part of her estate, we scored ginkgo, violets and arnica. And it should be noted that the case Sefton is gaining momentum. Investments in the amount of 100 million euros received from Garrigae, owner of the castle Le Couvent, will allow it to create a whole garden of medicinal plants, mention of which there are still in medieval texts.

After harvesting, we begin to alchemy. Solitary laboratory Petra Sefton is located in a forest on the hillside. Stainless steel, pipettes and volumetric flasks - all are reminiscent of the mad professor's lair, but instead of world domination plans are to create a fragrance .

First, a little theory, then practice. These are technical issues, so focus on the back row! A well-balanced fragrance is perceived by the man three times "Light, airy" initial notes, "subtle, prolonged" mean notes and "severe, persistent" base notes. And, in contrast to the modern synthetic materials, oil, wild plants operate on the three parts of our brain: the left (intelligence), right (creative) and central (instincts).

Oh wow!

Before I turn into a Prince of Wales, and start talking with geraniums, my scent need the basic idea. "Make me a more attractive" - ​​is fine. "We are engaged in aromatherapy, - says Peter. - Instead of miracles."

Good point. I would like to create something that is not too girly, so it helps me sleep and eliminate the traumatic memories of teenage Brutus.

Guests of this wonderful laboratory will soon be able to see how transparent they collected from the distiller flower petals essential oil is obtained. But today we are using already cooked. I took a large dose of orange optimistic for early music, then cedar wood, which encouraged to sleep for the middle notes are added randomly selected cloves and ginger, which remind me of Chinese cuisine.

However, perfumes - more than a pleasant smell. This is a real crash course in psychology . "Intriguingly, - said Peter, trying my creation. - You have in fact always been a happy family Christmas? You have recreated it with the orange, clove and cedar."

It should be noted that I fell asleep on a formula that would have worked on all three parts of the brain. "You are not allowed to reveal your intellect, - said the teacher bitter truth. - We often ambitious people too much of the" left "or" right, "but you seem relaxed and rely on intuition."

I began to feel that cloves too much, so I started to bring meditative formula to mind. Two doses of orange flavor made too easy, so I added a ginger than a completely unbalanced mix, which is now not enough cloves. This is a very delicate matter.

A little adjustment - and the composition is ready to be mixed with alcohol. I also mixed it with jojoba oil to get a massage lotion. Back at the castle, I gave into the soft but imperious hands of a masseuse. I felt the effect of aphrodisiacs? Unfortunately no. A soothing massage, followed by tea grown Petra balm, lavender and basil, made me snoring like a wild hog Languedoc. Rookie mistake. Next time do not be so lean on the cedar, and will take the best peppermint. Girls, beware!

Author: Ian Belcher
Translation: Ludmila Lavrushina