Poison Perfume by Christian Dior - the differences between the fragrant "poisons"
 Aromas Poison - timeless classics and contemporary femininity in colorful bottles.

Christian Dior has released a whole line of perfume called Poison. Design of packages and bottles themselves united by a common concept, the main difference is in the selected color. This similarity of design variations of the famous fragrance introduces buyers confusing. This article will help you figure out what is the differences between the classic Poison, Tendre Poison, Hypnotic Poison, Pure Poison and Midnight Poison, and now the new version of Elixir for all flavors of this line. You will be a brief description of aromas, color palette themselves bottles and packaging, as well as comments on the concentration of aromas and other facilities for the care of the body, as well as information about the duration of these perfumes.

Poison Series

First, it is a classic, Poison appeared in 1985 and immediately became a sensation in the market of flavored products. The first 'poison' was created by renowned perfumer - Edouard Flechier. Poison - rich oriental fragrance with a tuberose and juicy berry-layer musky, very characteristic for perfumery 80s. Classic Poison continues to enjoy wide popularity in our time. Poison comes in a purple bottle in a dark green box.

Notes of the original Poison

Upper: orange blossom, honey, berries, allspice.
Central: cinnamon, coriander, tuberose, pepper, spices, plum, anise, ylang-ylang.
Bottom: ambergris, labdanum, opoponaks.

Tendre Poison was the first interpretation of the famous fragrance, appeared 9 years later (1994), and again thanks to the efforts Edouard Flechier. This green light floral fragrance with freesia, a little harsh, but for sentimental feelings. Base of wood muted chords with light powdery overtones. Despite the fact that this fragrance is often called a lightweight version of the original Poison, in fact, they do not resemble each other. Tendre Poison - docile, even cute, but also very strict, even a little depressing in the loop. It is worn very easily at any time of the year. In addition, the perfume is very resistant. Tendre Poison is available in pale green bottle and green box.

Notes Tendre Poison

Top: mandarin, galbanum
Central: freesia, orange blossom, heliotrope
Bottom: sandalwood, vanilla

Hypnotic Poison was created in 1998 by a different perfumer, but no less famous perfumer - Annick Menardo. Designed by the package remains the same, but the colors became bolder - crimson-red. Himself Hypnotic Poison - this oriental spicy almond flavor with sharp overtones in the early and smooth vanilla base, which gives a special charm perfume. Hypnotic Poison has become very popular, even became a bestseller in the southern Mediterranean countries and the United States. The fragrance comes in a red bottle and dark red packaging.

Notes Hypnotic Poison

Upper: bitter almonds, cumin.
Central: jasmine, rosewood.
Bottom: cypress spurge, vanilla and musk.

Pure Poison, which appeared in 2004, was created by a team of perfumers - Carlos Benaim, Olivier Polge and Dominique Ropion. Pure Poison - is rampant sparkling floral fragrance with a lot of floral chord (but without the indole substances that give some flavor of "muted"), citrus extract, and white musk and woody chords. Overall, this is a multi-faceted clean scent, very feminine and modern. Pure Poison is a stunning resistance and can be used at any time of the year. The fragrance comes in a pearly-white milk-bottle and rich purple packaging.

Notes Pure Poison

Upper: jasmine, sweet orange, Italian bergamot and Sicilian bergamot.
Central: orange blossom, gardenia.
Bottom: sandalwood, ambergris.

Midnight Poison - modern "chypre" (the same direction as that of Narciso, Gucci by Gucci, etc.) With muted pink chords on the patchouli-based, with the effect of creating a 'chill'. Midnight Poison - - very modern and timely fragrance. Created by three perfumers - Olivier Cresp, Jacques Cavallier and Francois Demarchy - version of Poison - nice to smell the fragrance with a muted green background, who mysteriously emphasizes contemporary sensibility. Midnight Poison comes in a dark blue bottle and the box of the same color.

Notes Midnight Poison

Top: mandarin, bergamot
Central: Rose
Bottom: patchouli, vanilla, amber

Series Poison Elixirs

The purpose of Francois Demarchy variation Dior Elixirs was to strongly emphasize the sensuality based on the basic notes of the original Poison, balanced with individually selected components. The bottle is decorated with globular spray style boudoir. Each vial repeats colors corresponding to the original flavor. Formula perfumes are not based on silicon, and alcohol-based, which means that it has the same concentration as the Eau de Parfum.

Pure Poison Elixir was the first in a series of paryumom Elixir for Poison (2006). It should be noted that no clear differences from the original Pure Poison, besides enveloping and warm sweetness bases that remain on the skin for a long time.

Notes Pure Poison Elixir

Upper: petit grain, orange, green mandarin.
Central: orange blossom, jasmine.
Bottom: sandalwood, amber, almond, vanilla, coconut absolute.

Hypnotic Poison Elixir went on sale in 2008. This variation is based on the original sheet Hypnotic Poison, it contains a great flavor combination of licorice and anise. However, the flavor is very similar to the original Hypnotic Poison, despite the stronger resistance.

When creating a Midnight Poison Elixir (2008) was taken as a basis for Midnight Poison and effort "intense, sensual notes of caramel with a delicious fragrance - melon, vanilla wrapped." It is very similar to the original Midnight Poison, except fragrant sweet caramel base that supports a kind of balance of smells. It is very resistant perfume.
Author: Ann, New York