Star fragrances
 I always tried to copy the stars, be something they like. In my opinion, this does not affect your own style. For example, a long time I wanted shoes that have seen Cameron Diaz.

In the early eighties, according to the latest fashion trends, I have made chemical hair straightening. Trying to look like the famous Coco Chanel, I painted her lips red lipstick.

We are all victims of advertising, right? A may, on the contrary. Why can not I wear wedges, like Kate Moss or big sunglasses like Madonna? Or straighten the hair, the girls from the group Atomic Kitten?

We share a secret, what flavors are stars.

You also want to smell like a celebrity ?

  Fragrances by celebrities - it is an original gift for Christmas: many women are willing to take over the bottle of Jade Goody, Paris Hilton, Paphos Daddy and other stars, flashing on the screen.

For fun, one of my friends last Christmas said that it would be nice to give the spirits of Coco Chanel girl's flavor and the bottle to release the name of pop star Britney Spears. This idea can bring millions.

Elizabeth Taylor   It was the first star, which released in 1991, its flavor, which is called White Diamonds. Afterward Jennifer Lopez I began to earn about £ 42 million a year for a nominal perfume. Sarah Jessica Parker developed a sweet floral scent and it is not the last of the celebrities who are engaged in such activities.

The flavor and charm Paris Hilton   much better known than her homemade porn videos as well, perhaps, than some hotels hotel chain Hilton family. In the name of the famous heiress named four flavors, including men such as Just Me for Men.

For some reason, the stars do not want to give their names to the flavor that they do not sympathize. In today's world, people will not buy neponravivshiysya smell, even if it is named after celebrities.

Stellar spirits become part of the modern perfume business. In the past 5 years they belonged to famous brands and design houses, but became a turning J.Lo perfume.

Jennifer gave an interview in which he said: "This fragrance conveys my spirits, as well as songs." And, indeed, a perfume with notes of vanilla and musk give sexuality.

For spirits Britney Spears characterized by shades of creme brulee, and black vanilla bean. They have a fresh scent, which is very suitable for young girls.

If you decide to try for yourself celebrity fragrance, then try to find a large number of them from the one that is right for you.
Author: Ann