The fashion for androgyny - 'unisex'
 Aromas "unisex" - a symbol of modern society, a reflection of its dynamics and contradictions.

The style of "unisex" (eng. Unisex) arose from changes in the male and female roles in society. It defines a person's appearance, including clothing, hairstyle, makeup and perfume. The main feature of all the accessories of this style - is the complete lack of signs indicating the sex of the owner.

Arabs first perfumers, creating their Athar did not divide them into male and female. So do not shared spices and ointments ancient Egyptians, Indians and Greeks. In the Middle Ages spices and aromatic oils are expensive, so their owners could not divide by gender and class grounds. During the Renaissance, the same perfume abundantly used both men and women. Some perfume stores can still find a cologne for men and women with a strange name "4711", which has created a firm Muelhens in 1792. In the early 19th century, Napoleon issued a decree demanded that his subjects male "smell just plain soap and water," so until the mid-20th century, perfumes developed in "women's" direction. Now perfumers tried to emphasize tenderness, sensuality, fragility and grace. In compositions for men began to dominate the notes associated with power and energy.

After the end of World War II, a man tired of sharp and strong odors, reminding them of the fighting and the companies - manufacturers of perfumes released pour Homme fragrance with a typically feminine floral notes. The first step to the very "unisex" was made in the 60 years of the 20th century, when the world of fashion, a new line of clothing, which appeared under the influence of the social revolution, the student struggle and movement flower children.

Development style "unisex" actively continued in the 70s, when a new and outrageous punk culture has violated all accepted norms of fashion, where there was a clear division between Jens and men's clothing. Blossoming "unisex" took place in the 90s of the last century. Bold style became a pioneer Calvin Klein, who began to produce androgynous clothes and perfumes designed for a teenage audience.

The most famous perfume created by Calvin Klein in 1994, became a legendary chypre fragrance cK One. This is - light, fresh, non-aggressive scent that is suitable for any environment. Emphasis was placed on notes of lemon, pineapple, papaya, jasmine and bergamot. In 1996, the designer released another neutral fragrance cK Be, this time making a bet on the wood-Eastern nuances of sandalwood, tonka nuts and magnolia.

In 1995, the Italian designer Gianfranco Ferre has created the unisex fragrance Gieffeffe, a conceptual framework which also accounted for citrus notes, but lemons were added sweetish oranges, because of what the end result is more floral. They have no sex differences and the creation of another Italian company Benetton, called Hot and Cold. Quite popular in the 90 years of the 20th century were androgynous perfume Dalimix by Salvador Dali - "the smell of watermelon peels" and Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani - "oceanic freshness."


 The fashion for androgyny - 'unisex
 A series of unisex fragrances called Hermessence - the fruit of creativity of the famous perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena. All songs Hermessence combines an unusual combination of music or an appeal to the exotic and rare ingredients - rose, vetiver nut, pepper, amber and others.

Ambre Narguile   - An elegant combination of honey and caramel notes with hints of rum. Narguile - so it called in Arabic hookah. That smell - the essence of the Eastern refinement and luxury.

 The fashion for androgyny - 'unisex
 Vetiver Tonka   - Soft, velvety flavor, with notes of vetiver and tonka bean.

Rose Ikebana   - Fresh floral fragrance composed of notes of rose, rhubarb and grapefruit.

Poivre Samarcande   - A fragrance that combines the bright notes of pepper and valuable tree species.

 The fashion for androgyny - 'unisex
 Osmanthe Yunnan   It is a subtle blend of seductive, soft and light notes of tea, freesia, osmanthus, orange, apricot. The fragrance is inspired by the exquisite ancient customs and ceremonies of imperial China.

Comme des Garsons

 The fashion for androgyny - 'unisex
 Until recently, this was the only brand specializing in unisex fragrances. Aromas from Comme des Garsons trendiness. They - not a hint of rose, sandalwood and amber. They smell of washing powder, slate pencil, ink or asphalt.

Incense Avignon.   Warm smell of incense filled with crackling candles, mixed with a purity of Roman chamomile. Dry vanilla and patchouli resemble soft darkness Gothic churches, revealing the depth of rosewood and nutmeg.

 The fashion for androgyny - 'unisex
 Incense Jaisalmer   - Is a city lost in the deserts of India. Spicy woody fragrance of black and bakautovogo tree which was brought from India to Egypt. Burning smell of pepper mixed with fragrant cinnamon and cardamom, alluding to the precious amber glow.

 The fashion for androgyny - 'unisex
 Incense Kyoto   - Spiritual journey to the serene temples of the city, known as the Heart of Japan. Dry and calm, filled with finesse smoky vetiver and juniper wisdom, bathed in tranquility notes of cypress, cedar and coffee. The fragrance for meditation.

 The fashion for androgyny - 'unisex
 Incense Ouarzazate . Incense brought from the markets of Morocco. The diversity of sweet labdanum, tinted sharpness of pepper and nutmeg, softened vanilla. In the end - a bright trail of cashmere wood and sensual musk.

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani has produced a selective line of exclusive unisex fragrance Armani Prive. Spirits are presented in bottles of exotic African tree kotibe and lid made of stone, different for each flavor.

 The fashion for androgyny - 'unisex
 Armani Prive Ambre Soie   - Sensual, exciting aroma, which are interwoven notes of Chinese ginger, cinnamon, cloves, Virginia cedar, patchouli and amber.

 The fashion for androgyny - 'unisex
 Armani Prive Bois d'Encens   - A rich mix of spicy incense and woody vetiver, sensual and intoxicating as an exotic massage oil. Warm, dark flavor is based on only five ingredients and is the epitome of the mysterious black stone found on the shore of the island of Pantelleria in the Mediterranean Sea.

 The fashion for androgyny - 'unisex
 Armani Prive Eau de Jade.   Hip and cool bergamot give a modern sound sparkling spices from Madagascar. Bourbon vanilla flavor adds warmth and Tunisian neroli orange blossom and bear with them and comfort. This fresh fragrance is reminiscent of tranquil classical colognes XVII century.

 The fashion for androgyny - 'unisex
 Armani Prive Pierre de Lune   - Gentle, seductive aroma, which gracefully intertwine fresh green notes, tones of violet, iris, flower balm and amber.

Bond no 9

American brand Bond no 9 in the collection has a variety of flavors androgynous.

 The fashion for androgyny - 'unisex
 Bleecker St.- luxurious, ultra-modern unisex fragrance. Bleecker Street - one of the places of worship for shoppers; There is also a new boutique Bond no. 9. The fragrance conveys a lively atmosphere of the street. This sophisticated fragrance, but is not well suited for everyday use. This woody-oriental fragrance begins gourmet notes of Cassis, accented with thyme and violet leaves. Cinnamon warms the woody notes of heart and confectionery theme is developed with the entry into force of caramelized vanilla notes; it balances musk, patchouli, suede shades and oak moss.

 The fashion for androgyny - 'unisex
 The Scent of Peace   combines excellent freshness and at the same time unparalleled sophistication and elegance. The Scent of Peace - a true emissary of peace, the power of life triumphant bright tone grapefruit and black currant, fills us with joy and their unbridled energy. Spring Flowers white lily of the valley give us your warmth and tenderness of touch, giving himself in the hearts of love and harmony with the environment. Composition: grapefruit, blackcurrant, lily of the valley, cedar and musk.

 The fashion for androgyny - 'unisex
 Chinatown   - Coblaznitelny and dynamic flavor. Its beginning - an explosion of peach blossom, coupled with creamy-sweet gardenia and tuberose. A light touch of patchouli adds sharpness other floral notes. On one side of the bottle flowers pearl shades depicted in the background of fuchsia. Turn the bottle - on the other side to change the color pattern and background in the style of yin-yang. Base notes of blossoming peach, gardenia, tuberose, patchouli, cardamom
Author: Inna Sedykh