Being beautiful in Venezuelan
 For residents of the Venezuelan beauty is an important goal. Perhaps that is why this country - record on the number of holders of the title of Miss World and Miss Universe. What is the secret of their burning attraction? And you need to take into account that during a trip to Venezuela to look no less worthy than the local senoritas?

Venezuelans are very patriotic and they are very proud of their country and the beauty of its zemlyachek. Indeed, Venezuela ranks first in the number of won the Miss World title, and ranks second in the Miss Universe won the competition. Being beautiful is a tradition and almost a duty. The country has opened a number of special courses and schools, which are preparing for the beauty contest to become the first Miss Venezuela, and then Miss Universe.

 Being beautiful in Venezuelan

Participants of the contest "Miss Venezuela" 2012

From an early age Venezuelan learn to care for themselves and look at 100%. They pierce their ears at birth and school years their heads decorated with all sorts of elaborate hairstyles with colorful pins and ribbons. We must pay tribute to the Venezuelan mums who have time to collect their daughters to 7 am - the beginning of lessons. Growing up, the girls do not forget to look after yourself. They are always well dressed, made up and ready to conquer the princes even in your pajamas. So if you are planning to come to Venezuela, here are some beauty tips to fit into this amazing "flower".

Perfect skin and nails - must have!

Difficult among Venezuelan women meet someone with well-groomed skin with black dots and bright pimples. If there is any defect, they can be seen only at very scrutiny. In the course are all kinds of fashionable beauty treatments, plus secrets of her grandmother. The main thing - to get the perfect result.

 Being beautiful in Venezuelan

Dayana Mendoza - Miss Universe 2008 (Venezuela)

To make-up girls from the Venezuelan approach with all responsibility and without him even to throw out the garbage. Despite the brightness of makeup it is not a pretentious and provocative. Tons of plaster is absolutely not welcome. Venezuelan knows the rules and favorably emphasize or eyes or lips. The nails are always well-groomed and made up on the latest trends in world fashion.

 Being beautiful in Venezuelan

Long hair is better than short

On weekends, hairdressers and beauty salons Venezuela is very difficult to get there. Unkempt hairstyles for women (however, as male) population of this country is practically not allowed. Their long dark hair is always neatly combed and smooth. Chemistry, as well as short hair - not a trend. Most hair care products used irons and stylers.

 Being beautiful in Venezuelan

Adrian Wasini (Venezuela) - Second Vice-Miss World 2010

Venezuelan prefer more natural hair color. Even in the hot weather they love to dissolve the hair or collect them in a regular ponytail. The main condition - shiny and healthy hair.

Among the leading figures "inverted triangle"

Of course, every Venezuelan to strive for a perfect figure. Senorita from wealthy families regularly visit gyms, and the girls from the slums often jogging and swimming in the ocean. But if the sport does not help, always save the surgeon. Many parents on the 15th anniversary of their daughters give plastic surgery. Popularity of correction of the nose, breasts and buttocks.

 Being beautiful in Venezuelan

Stefania Fernandez (Venezuela) - Miss Universe 2009

Body type venesuelok have more resembles an inverted triangle: broad shoulders, big breasts and trim thighs. However, behind the welcome delicious roundness. Even in Venezuela jeans sew special cut, given the shape of the buttocks local residents.

 Being beautiful in Venezuelan

In the clothing thing - convenience and sexuality

Shoes with high, wide heel and platform - a mandatory component of the image of a typical Venezuelan. Ultrathin studs worn only on special occasions. Over the weekend, women allow themselves to relax and walk in comfortable ballet flats, sneakers and flip flops.

 Being beautiful in Venezuelan

Among the accessories more affordable rather massive jewelry: earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces. Jewelry in ordinary days, women rarely wear for fear of robbers, which abound in Venezuela. The clothes dominated pants, shorts and tops with open cut, demonstrating a chic bust. If you choose a dress, it should be as simple and easy to cut, often monotonous or fine pattern.

We need to hear Piropo (pyrope)

This concept refers to the admiring whistles and comments of men on the street who are released into the track passing beauty. The word "pyrope" has a rather sweet and naughty connotation, but in any case, not rude and vulgar, obscene harassment related to the male population in some southern countries. It's more like a game-competition: women try to hear "pyrope" in the party to make sure their own attractiveness, and men trained in eloquence. For example, the Venezuelan pretty senorita vosled can hear: "Your father - a thief, he stole the most beautiful stars in the sky and put them in your eyes."

 Being beautiful in Venezuelan

Such compliments are usually not taken seriously girls, and cause only a pleased and slightly embarrassed smile. Weighed you a nice compliment and admiration prisvistnuv, then men are unlikely to pursue and harass you.

 Being beautiful in Venezuelan

The authority of the mother is indisputable

Apart from the fact that the Venezuelan is very feminine and charming, they have a very strong character and independence. The country has developed considerably matriarchy. Among the many women leaders in the public and private sectors. But first of all in Venezuela praised the role of mother. Therefore, every girl dreams of becoming a very good, and, of course, a wonderful mother.
Author: Albina Rogov