I have a bad habit for good
 We all know that bad habits are called bad because that steal our health, spoil the image, a negative effect on appearance. Smoking, alcohol and caffeinated beverages, the habit of going to bed after midnight, many hours sitting on the internet, fast food meals, and many other preferences and habits poison our lives slowly and surely. But why do we acquire these habits, if you know in advance about their hazards, and why them so difficult to get rid of? We will not delve into the maze of psychology, but probably not the last role in the list of causes takes no time developed good habits as opposed to bad.

Take their formation never too late, but the sooner you take it, the good habits will become "second nature" displace the bad.

So, what good habits does not prevent to get in the first place:

 I have a bad habit for good
 * Sleep at least 7-8 hours And maybe more - need to sleep as much as your body needs to fully recuperate, moreover, proved by science that the female body needs sleep more than men. Get enough sleep is important for skin condition. Experts believe that the skin of most people is set to rest from 23.00 to 3.00, this time to sleep, and sleep better in the range 22.00 - 23.00. During sleep, the body is gaining strength for further work, relax and accumulating new energy. Try to relax before going to bed - a warm bath, aromatherapy, drink a decoction of chamomile.

* Moderate kofepitiya.   In itself, the coffee - drink is not harmful, and even largely beneficial, but abuse to the good, as a rule, does not lead. It is not necessary in the day to drink more than 2 cups of coffee, and in the evening is better to drink a cup of green tea or mint tea with honey. Well, even if green tea affects you exciting, then a cup of warm milk with honey at night - a good habit to quickly fall asleep and restful sleep.

 I have a bad habit for good
 * Correct and healthy food   too, it is a habit.

Proper nutrition - it's vitamins and useful minerals that our body gets. Thanks to choose the right diet, the skin becomes smooth and shiny, the hair becomes thick, nails strong. I love to cook. In any case, even if you have very little free time, try not to abuse polufabrikami and ready meals of the cooking. Breakfast compulsory, in fact it is the basis of every day, nourishes the body and gives strength. The best option - oatmeal with raisins spoon, a cup of yogurt and a banana for dessert. This breakfast is quite balanced, it contains all the necessary nutrients and vitamins.

 I have a bad habit for good
   Eat whole grain products. Whole Grains contain large amounts of fiber, essential nutrition such as vitamin B6, Valuable and vitamin E. Skin nice habit entrust preparing a simple dinner Steamers - useful tasty and practically takes a time. Good breakfast, high quality lunch and light dinner useful - the key to your health and beauty!

 I have a bad habit for good
 * Physical activity   - It is also a good habit, which can replace the habit in the morning long stay in bed, and in the evenings lazily browse the endless soap operas and crime series, most of which do not provide anything useful to the mind and heart and be forgotten in a few days after the show .  Moreover, physical activity is attributed not only and not attending classes at the fitness center (not all possible), but also banal morning exercises and evening walk (run) at bedtime .  Scientists have long shown that even 15-20 minutes of exercise a day is useful to affect your body .  Morning exercises will support the process of metabolism in the body at a high level, and you'll keep your muscles toned .  And as a result - good night's sleep, good mood, good immunity and blooming appearance .  As though it was difficult, probably first have to force yourself to do at least a couple of moves, but if you manage to do morning exercises in the habit, it is a great "plus" for you and your body .

Habits are changing appearance

In addition to these habits that affect youth and beauty indirectly, there is also the habit directly related to the condition of the skin, hair and figure and have an impact on them in one direction or another.

 I have a bad habit for good
 For example, habit frown certainly will cause in the future, the emergence of ugly vertical wrinkles on the forehead, and the manner of walking down the street, his head bowed and studying the state of the asphalt under their feet, will affect the formation of double chin.

The habit does not wash off your makeup before going to bed   own skin you recall a couple of years earlier sagging. And that's a good habit to remove make-up immediately on returning home, of course, affect the skin condition positively. After all, even the best cosmetics, foundation or powder clog pores, the skin and make it difficult to breath, so why leave them on the skin for longer than necessary. To cleanse the skin is better to use a mild lotion or milk, then apply a nourishing moisturizer. Buy this habit is not difficult, the skin feeling clean and fresh like it immediately.

 I have a bad habit for good
 The habit to apply in the evening on face moisturizer or nourishing cream is present in the majority of women, but of the upper chest and neck are often forgotten. And through the nth period of years, wrinkles on the neck and upper chest will report eloquently about your age. So be sure to include in their nightly activities care for neck and decollete   by special intensive creams and masks for these sections.

 I have a bad habit for good
 As you know the hand give the woman's age, so good care of them it is a mandatory fourth habit. During the day you can use gel or cream with a light texture, and in the evening to put more fat and nutritious.

A good habit - to rub moisturizer into the skin of their hands after each washing.   Women handle all the time at work, and during the day to wash your hands a woman has not as no less than 10 times, and even if you do not each time using detergents, it is a protective lubricant regularly removed from the skin and remains it vulnerable to the influence of dry air, aggressive environment.

Not a bad habit to keep in purse spray with thermal water to hydrate the skin throughout the day. Many electrical appliances, air conditioners and other devices, radiators in the winter, make the air dry and unfriendly our skin. She begins to dehydrate, flaking, redness and inflammation occur. Irrigation of skin thermal water   it allows water moisture cells without damaging make-up.

Of course, bad habit with no end to touch the skin on the face And even more so to squeeze pimples. If you have problem skin and prone to acne, cleansing is best left to professionals, and make it a rule to visit a beauty salon.

 I have a bad habit for good
 Of course, not from every bad habit manage to get rid of easily, sometimes requires a lot of perseverance, persistence, and even ingenuity. Thus, many who are trying to put an end to smoking habit They try to replace cigarettes candies, nuts and so on. Option is not very good - replace one bad habit the other can not as harmful, but still not useful. It needs a different approach ... If you wanted to "smoke break" just throw out these useless thoughts out of your head and think about something pleasant. They say much help to escape from the importunate desire to smoke, if you make ten deep breaths, walk, eat an apple. One of the best ways to ease withdrawal from tobacco - exercise. Training should begin before you start to quit smoking. Studies show - the people exercise much easier and faster to wean from smoking. In addition, exercise helps maintain normal weight because many former smokers begin to gain weight quickly after giving up tobacco use and transition to peanuts, candy, etc.

But the main habit that will always stay in shape, to be young, healthy and beautiful - it is a habit of thinking positively. Try to work out in his optimistic approach to all the problems of life and live happily!
Author: Olga Travleeva