Is it worth the beauty of the victims?
 Perhaps the world is not no girls, girls, women, who would not dream of being beautiful. Once upon a time, many have dreamed to be like Marilyn Monroe, Michelle Mercier later on, which played Angelique, was the charm, and then imitation of Sophia Loren ... This series goes on. Every time creates his own concept of female attractiveness, or rather a myth, because in fact the beauty of ephemeral thing. What seemed beautiful thousand, one hundred years ago does not seem beautiful in our time.

And I think, create stereotypes of beauty still men and poor women go to great lengths to meet them.

It seems to be sweeping the planet emancipation of women in leadership positions, become politicians, even presidents and still for the sake of beauty go to all sorts of sacrifices.

The saddest thing is that, in fact, not fat girls starve themselves trying to be better models. As a result, then treated for many years by anorexia.

Watching programs and magazines of glamorous, attractive women fall under the surgeon's knife, and often after these operations are transformed into monsters.

 Is it worth the beauty of the victims?

There have been several well-lit press when covered by an obsessive desire to improve their appearance, the young woman falls into a coma due to complications or medical incompetence.

It's hard to say who first said that "Beauty requires sacrifice," but somehow I am sure that he was the person concerned and make money on the desire of women to become more beautiful.

Psychologists believe that the excessive pursuit of beauty is actually a mental illness, which affects more than 30% of women in the world.

Please painful dependence on the desire for beauty has captured the United States and then spread to Europe, and now - the epidemic reached the CIS countries, including to Russia.

 Is it worth the beauty of the victims?

And a cute girl from the provinces, by all means, wants to change his remarkable snub nose, inherited from her great-grandmother in the Hollywood star a perfect nose. To achieve this empty dream spent nerves, time, money. Happiness is not in the nose ...

Remember the huge nose Barbra Streisand, for which Hollywood actress nicknamed - Brooklyn nose. So, here, most likely, without this nose she would have lost a good deal of charm, originality and fame.

 Is it worth the beauty of the victims?

The point is how we feel. You can be adored, the most desirable, homely and no uninteresting ideal beauty.

I know a lot of women who do not even go to the bakery without makeup. And how much money is spent on all sorts of paint, putty, you can buy an apartment and a car. But the saddest thing is that these women see themselves as ugly without make-up and, of course, suffer from it. And these experiences affect the nervous system, and hence the state of the whole organism, which in turn worsens the appearance.

If you look at the old Western magazines, then on their pages, you can see the girls when she appeared naked with traces of the swimsuit. Now it is considered unthinkable. That is, the body should not be blind spots ... and many girls and women spend a lot of time in the solarium, which not only harms the skin, it dries and ages, but also can lead to various diseases.

Listening to advertising, we must not forget the voice of reason and remember that the purpose of any advertising to sell your product and get as much money from gullible people.

 Is it worth the beauty of the victims?

At the same time, the male population surveys suggest that men do not want to kiss and hug lips gel silicone breast. In light of the many men who like it a little chest. And it's hard to find a man who pays attention to the thickness and length of lashes ... men are attracted expressive eyes glowing in their smile.

So instead of spending money to purchase tons of cosmetics and visits to all the surgeons who are not satisfied with their appearance, you should address to the good psychologist to help deal with the problems and accept yourself for what it is.

Normal self-esteem helps a woman to be happy, to feel beautiful and succeed, regardless of the size of breast, leg length and shape of the nose.

 Is it worth the beauty of the victims?

And no longer a secret that if a woman loves herself, exudes confidence, that other people find her attractive and she always enough fans of any age.

At the same time, we can recall the ideal of Hollywood beauties, striking beauty and remain single and not very happy. Many of them are treated from depression generally expensive clinics. So you need not seek to impose upon us "glossy" image and to their uniqueness, openness, kindness towards people. That is what makes a woman interesting and desirable in the eyes of men.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva