Showdown in the secret room
 For most women, a bath - a place sacred and secret. There we can happen hours, not only because of the lengthy procedures miraculous. Often we spend precious time because our usual search for a vial or tube, lost in the whole heap of various cosmetics. So let's put things in order!

To start with a small test. Note the time and check if in search of the desired gizmos in the bathroom takes less than 30 seconds - excellent, it takes less than a minute - well, well, if it is more - it is an occasion to reflect. Perhaps the primary cause for this was the usual mess. But daily cleaning - a long and tedious process. The best way - to get rid of unnecessary things and think about storage.

 Showdown in the secret room

All places!

It would be nice to share space for things into several zones. The principles can be different: by gender (men, women, children), the type of procedures (washing, applying makeup, showering, etc.), The time of day (morning - in a hurry, the evening - to go out) and etc. Will this ergonomically designed interior details: Suspended pockets, all kinds of shelves, pull-out drawers with multiple divisions, plastic bags and so on.

Surely you've noticed time and again that some of the items in the bath you use most often, some - from time to time, and some of them lonely miss on the shelves for years. Lay them, keeping their hierarchy: most chassis "products" (foam cleanser, daily creams, cotton buds, wheels and so on.) Be on the most prominent and near the shelves periodically necessary items (hygiene kits for depilation, manicure, etc. .) Put a little above or next.

 Showdown in the secret room

Items that are least likely to deserve your attention, should be subjected to careful examination and analysis. Place of whether they do in the bathroom? Maybe it will be better in the bedside table, dressing table or in front of a mirror in the hallway? If the feasibility of their existence in your life under the big question, then their fate is to solve three correct ways to recycle, donate or find them an alternative use.

Throw in cart

Often over us dominates grandmother stereotype of thrift "and suddenly it is useful," and our hand with the old and unclaimed funds stopped a few inches from the bin. But do not let things control you. There are objects and tools that better throw in the first place:

 Showdown in the secret room

- It has long been forgotten.   Funds that are not used during the year are unlikely to be interested in in the future. But if abandoned once the cream you feel a sudden need and forgotten only occasionally, it is best to change its position by moving it closer to your everyday tools. So it will be more likely to come across your eyes and begin to carry out their functions.

- Spoiled.   Sometimes, simply open the vehicle and take a deep breath to determine its suitability. Alarm signals can also be: changes color and consistency. Some expensive creams have certain storage conditions. And in the warm, damp bath, they quickly lose their properties. Therefore, before purchasing luxury cosmetics is best to carefully read the information on storage, or to ask about this at the sales assistants.

- Almost finished.   Often in our baths somewhere in the corner for a long time is around shower gel, which was once one of the favorites. And all because he is almost over, and the gel is left for 1-2 applications. And despite the fact that the new funds have bought and are actively used, all your gel continues to miss on the shelf. Although its future is almost preordained - humbly before reaching his age, he still go in the trash. So why wait? Better take its place a new one.

Free gift or bargain

Some tools and items to recycle just sorry. For them, a different approach: your light hand they can find a new host. Thus, you not only save yourself from unpleasant discharge procedure, but also to bring happiness to another person a small token. What cosmetic products suitable for gifts?

 Showdown in the secret room

- Unjustified expectations.   We bought you somehow doroguschy shampoo, but by trying, realized he does not suit you. However, to get rid of it is not in a hurry, as to give him a lot of money. But why would it just give your good friend or relative? Pack as a new tool, of course, fail. But do not worry - that does not fit you could arrange another.

- Collectible products.   Some well-known manufacturers of cosmetics sometimes produces a line of vehicles with limited circulation. And many fans of the brand and passionate collectors willing to pay a certain amount in order to become the owner of the coveted tube or capsule, even if empty. Look closely at your bins: what if you are the lucky owner of the collection of rare book that you did not fit or do not like? If you're lucky - it profitable to sell, and if not - in doing so, as the above-described shampoo.

- Who came not to their liking.   Sometimes we buy cosmetics just random, focusing on the attractive packaging or the name. But expanding the box, we understand that the experiment failed. Often this happens with the spirits, with nail polish, lipstick and other means. In the end, who came not to the liking of perfumes or cosmetics begins to occupy more space on the shelves. So is not it better to be deported to the new owners?

- Samples and probes.   If you have accumulated a ton of different samples cosmetics firms, which for you are of no value, it is time to get rid of them! But do not throw out everything. A small drop of cream or shampoo hardly suitable as a gift to your friend, but the younger sister of a teenager could bestow. Then she will share with you, what means it more like and why. Did you listen to it and acquire the original review.

- Duplicates.   The reason that you suddenly have accumulated a few jars of cream, four identical lipstick, three tonic, there may be several: gifts birthday, bought for action "two tools at the same price", purchased by mistake and so forth. If the vehicle is of the favorite and popular, it is best to leave a couple of ekzemplyarchiki reserve, not forgetting to look at the expiration date. Well, if you duplicate only interfere and occupy too much space, do not hesitate to pack your beautiful them in boxes and put them before the next holiday season.

Let us find an alternative

At superfluous things, unsuitable for recycling and donation can be a little change function. For example:

 Showdown in the secret room

- Cleansers.   Almost finished shower gel or shampoo can wash your hands, especially if you have a problem, or sensitive skin, poorly transports the usual soap. The balances can be added to the bath for the feet.

- Unsuccessful creams.   If, after using the cream for the face you have any acne or allergies, then apply it to the destination you are unlikely to still be. But it's possible he comes to soften heels: Apply a thick layer, wear warm socks and go to bed. The result should be the next morning you will be pleasantly surprised.

 Showdown in the secret room

- Means of forming lather.   With the help of old shampoo, soap, bubble bath, which you have not had time to throw away, you can arrange fun activities for children - bubbles. Treat yourself and the baby!

Ideas for the bathroom can be a lot, but the order - one. Let the showdown in a secret room will transform it into the abode of beauty and purity!
Author: Albina Rogov