To the day went well, loaded it in the morning!
 Morning awakening - this is a very important part of the day, which actually sets the tone of it. We start the morning in different ways, someone cheerfully jumps out of bed as soon as he heard the call of an alarm clock, vigorously carries out the usual pace Complex morning exercise ...

Other long vylezhivayutsya in bed otvoёvyvaya at working days every moment of sweet slumber ... Psychologists say that they both make mistakes - a sharp transition from sleep to wakefulness carries the body unnecessary stress and immediate exercise, when the body is not yet fully awake and is not ready to load the muscles and ligaments are also facing injuries, sprains, and other troubles. Sudden movements and jerks are harmful to the not yet awakened muscles. But harmful and long rocking, while testing people leading different lifestyles, it turned out - those who are not inclined to long lie-in, not only slimmer, healthier, more successful in society, but also happier, they are less likely to be depressed and less overweight.

So how do you wake up right?

 To the day went well, loaded it in the morning!

Rituals morning awakening

Morning ritual in one way or another everyone has. It is important that this ritual, as an individual, and which takes into account your personality and lifestyle, and real circumstances, and included the points common to all, based on the recommendations of physicians physiologists, psychologists, hygienists. To this ritual has become a habit, help you efficiently with health distribute the morning to do his you was a pleasure, and it was not a burden to your surroundings, do not infringe upon the interests of the native people.

Thus, general recommendations - steps awakening that is desirable to include in your ritual.

The morning begins with a smile.   A smile is the trigger for a positive outlook, to a sense of joy and happiness, in turn, is the background, customize the psyche to vital way.

In the morning, as soon as you wake up, smile, turn on your back, stretch your arms along the body and, without opening his eyes, mentally thank ... god, the universe, a higher power, the fate (who to thank decide for yourself), for the last night of the new given day. Mentally direct the flow of love, wishes for peace and happiness to all the people and the near and far, all living beings. For gratitude and love no matter how the night passed, and no matter what will be the day - difficult, cloudy, rainy or sunny - Rejoice that this day just eat in your life. Set yourself the joy that you are converted both externally and internally. Sparkling eyes radiating good feelings and love, worsen the perception of works of art and the beauty of nature, improved relationships with others, the movements become more expressive and harmonious, and the flight of thought - more inspirational.

Traditional morning stretching and yawning Which many ignore - as required morning ritual. Sipping - the most natural way to wake up the physical body. A yawning quickly fills our entire body, every cell in his oxygen Preform several times, abdominal breathing accelerates the velocity of blood flow, which means that the muscles get the momentum to the movement. Allow your body to wake up naturally, not forced, once driving him to the bathroom, or making do sharp gymnastic movement.

 To the day went well, loaded it in the morning!

  Lying can be done a light head massage Enough to massage the main point: depression in the ground at the base of the head, the occiput, the line from the top to the forehead, the brow arch, earlobes. Next mash joints, warms muscles Performing right in bed a few simple exercises, such as popular exercise "Goldfish" from the complex Katsudzo Nishi. As an alternative, so-called "vibrating conveyor" - lying on your back, raise your arms and legs perpendicular to the body, hands and feet start to rotate and shake for 1-2 minutes at a time. These simple exercises will get your spine completely and reminded that that the day.

And now you can get up ... preferably gradually, especially if the exercises in bed, you have neglected. First, just lift and sit up in bed, then sveste legs and sit for a few seconds. You may ask - why? It's simple. A sharp change in body position especially after a night's sleep - stress to the body. And now stand, go to the window, watch how everything awakens   to life, and you will certainly feel the flow of energy, too. Well, if you have a beautiful view outside the window, the green, but even if there's just a brick wall of the house opposite, meditate, imagine that it is transparent, and her flower-filled garden, forest, birds, etc. If you have a difficult day speaking with the 10 most important cases scheduled, thanks to this you set up a working body in the way.

In the morning, on an empty stomach, drink a little water   (spring, meltwater, mineral without gas) - slowly, small sips. You can add the water a few berries (cranberries, cranberries), a slice of lemon. This will "wake up", activate the digestive system of the body, then to breakfast, "fell" out of a sleeping body and entered the body, ready for eating.

 To the day went well, loaded it in the morning!

Tonic, awakening in the morning ... Gymnastics

Morning exercise wonderful activate metabolism, improve health and regulate your appetite, and improve brain function and memory. Pick as the morning exercises that you are, for example:
• Normal Complex morning exercise - stretching, sit-ups, tilt, swivel, etc .;
• breathing (pranayama);
• spiritual and physical exercises "Five Tibetan pearls";
• Exercise of yoga, such as complex "sun salutation".
Or maybe you love to dance in the morning, jogging or doing?

 To the day went well, loaded it in the morning!

After exercising Take a light shower . Of course, if you are jogging, or rather intense gymnastics, the options about the inclusion of the soul in the morning ritual activities there. But if the limited light workout in bed, it was questionable, and if needed a shower after sleeping? I think still need. After all, the body is breathing at night, the skin peels, the pores secrete sweat, grease and moisture and, therefore, there is the smell, that is - "the body smells, the smell of the body, not the gentle violet petal" (Shakespeare). And we want something that would smell of violets, and we put on a dirty body deodorants, antiperspirants, toilet water and other. Often the "bouquet" turns out not too fragrant. ... So - shower, and even better contrast!

 To the day went well, loaded it in the morning!

Toss with firewood furnace

Breakfast - this is another very important part of the morning ritual, abandon it is strictly prohibited. The body is like a furnace, in which the fire should burn continually. If you throw too little fuel, or poor quality - stove begins to smoke, causing damage. Hot sandwiches, curd with berries, omelets, oatmeal with fruit and berries - breakfast selection depends only on your imagination, desire and health. By the way, doctors say, the morning meal is best to start with the protein, especially if you are concerned about the problem of excess weight. So the University of Connecticut have shown that people lose weight 65% faster if breakfast boiled egg or scrambled eggs, not the usual coffee and donuts. Eggs reduce hunger and decrease calorie intake in other meals. Such Breakfast supports the energy in the body throughout the day.

 To the day went well, loaded it in the morning!

If for some reason it was not possible to start the morning with a hearty breakfast, you can take with you to work drinking yoghurt, adding to it, for example, a spoonful of bran and some fruit. This one, a light snack, the body will appreciate a certain amount of protein, calcium and carbohydrates, and yet it is better to starve than half a day and pounce on the food at lunch.

 To the day went well, loaded it in the morning!

We direct "marafet"

Morning skin care is extremely necessary, because we are at this time saturate it useful for the day and protects against the harmful effects of the environment.

To look fresh and beautiful in the morning facial skin need proper cleansing. Daily soft but deep cleansing with the help of special equipment (cleansing creams, foams or lotions) is the basis for successful skin care, it is also a kind of a morning ritual that allows you to not only clean, but also to strengthen the skin, normalize the metabolism. Do not ignore the toning of the skin, this step improves the skin and refreshes it. And the final point of the morning care - a lightweight, day cream, hand-picked by the type of skin. Once absorbed cream, can be applied to loose powder. That's all! The skin moisturized, rich and protected, it remains to add only mascara and lipstick favorite.

 To the day went well, loaded it in the morning!

If you want to save the morning, use a moisturizer with a touch-tone effect, or BB-cream with protection from the sun, then no separate powder and foundation are not necessary!

A couple of times a week, you can set aside some time for morning cleansing mask, it will remove dead cells to make way alive, make skin glow.

More remains one thing - tidy hairstyle. Fortunately, modern, neat, fashionable hairstyle plus styling tools do allow a minimum of time to create a beautiful hairstyle everyday.

Well, here you are ready for a new and fruitful day!

  You would think that such a ritual in the morning takes a long time? But for yourself, for your well-being, mood, appearance, time to regret not necessary. These just 10 - 15 minutes, which you may have to take away the morning sleep, magically affect the state of the body, and the body will return to to thank you in the form of good muscle tone, and the flow of energy. And to make it easier to wake up in the morning, can you just go to bed early?
Author: Olga Travleeva