Fashion experiment: do craquelure
 - Now it is very fashionable - dehiscent varnish - casually throws colleague. I was like a red rag to a bull, the operative word "fashionable". I must say, all that is fashionable - I'm always interested. And it is interesting not only to learn and try.

- Cracked varnish? What's this? - Immediately I reach for the innovation of me.
- Yes, it is now everywhere is full of sale. It looks like an ordinary paint, but when applied to the nail itself cracking. If gossamer polish work. Looks interesting, - says a colleague.

What, you think I'm doing at lunchtime? Well, yes, I am running, headlong, to the nearest store and buy cosmetics dehiscent lacquer. It really is absolutely accessible and in the availability of, and in terms of price. For his dehiscent nail Flormar I pay something like $ 2

Googling online information about crack lacquers, I know that the surface of the nail plate, which is the result of their application, called crazing.

Actually the word "Craquelure"   denotes the crack layer of paint or varnish on the works of art.

 Fashion experiment: do craquelure

Technique craquelure actively used today needlewomen when decorating various products hand-made: boxes, pots, photo frames, etc.

 Fashion experiment: do craquelure

Ie craquelure in fact - is to achieve the effect of artificial aging the surface. A vogue for vintage has not been canceled. Therefore, I invite you to his studio fashion experiment where we are today going to do craquelure applied to the nail plate.

For this we need three nail polish:
1. The transparent base / hardener;
2. regular nail color that will show through dehiscent;
3. Own dehiscent lacquer.

Ready? Go!

Step 1 . Preventive. Apply on the nails a transparent basis and giving it to dry well.

 Fashion experiment: do craquelure

Step 2 . Base. Is applied to the nails ordinary nail polish.

 Fashion experiment: do craquelure

Be careful when choosing. It must be in harmony with cracked paint and be quite a contrast, or simply craquelure effect will not be visible.

 Fashion experiment: do craquelure
An example of how the silver paint krakelyurny lost on a transparent base layer.

But some good combination of conventional and friable varnishes.

 Fashion experiment: do craquelure

As can be seen from the above sample, optimally choose white or black lacquer dehiscent. They combine perfectly with all conventional paints of your existing home collection.

Council . It is important to thoroughly dried base coat of varnish, otherwise dehiscent nail in the formation of cracks and drags badly-dried first layer. As a result, the desired effect is achieved, and the surface of the nail plate will look untidy and alyapisto.

 Fashion experiment: do craquelure
An example of how dehiscent lacquer "broke" the crude base layer burgundy lacquer.

Step 3 . The most responsible - Apply varnish dehiscent. I must warn that it dries very quickly. Therefore, it should be applied with just one or two strokes. If you are a little too slow, you run the risk that dehiscent varnish will take lumps. The thinner the layer of varnish krakelyurnogo you will be able to apply the more delicate cobweb on the nail it forms. A thicker layer of varnish is also very friable effectively taken on the nail random segments. So with a thick layer you can safely experiment. Cracks are formed instantly right on your eyes.

 Fashion experiment: do craquelure

Caution . Do not try to do craquelure crack lacquer on the nail plate, covered with gel varnish. On such a surface krakelyurny varnish loses its properties and does not form cracks.

Step 4 . Optional. Coverage of the nail plate with a transparent varnish-fixer. I called this step unnecessary chance. The fact is that after drying crack nail lacquer surface becomes dull, and it can be such and leave. If you like more glossy nail coating is applied on top of an additional clearcoat-fixer.

 Fashion experiment: do craquelure

That's actually our craquelure and ready. You can remove the brush on the table. In conclusion, I would like to say a few words about the wonderful LP cracelures resistance. The fact that the resulting segmented surface of the nail plate conceals a very cool and makes invisible as small chips on the edge of the nail and the nail had regrown cuticle. Through optical illusion your nails for several weeks look quite neat. Successful experiments!
Author: Natalia Hryshko