Jimmy Choo shoes 20 000 - created not to wear?
 Normally in this column we write about the news about the makeup or salon treatments. But this time we decided to depart from tradition and test ... designer shoes. Please read our report and you'll be surprised at what a cult brand can do things not for socks.

So, I tried out a new pair of sandals from Jimmy Choo. I was interested in strength, especially. Of course, you will say, they say, high fashion does not have to be practical ... Perhaps this is partly true, but for shoe still would like to have a complete physical criteria, not only to assess the design and brand of the manufacturer.

  Oh, Jimmy Choo! This is more than just beautiful shoes. Since when Carrie Bradshaw from "Sex and the City" has stepped into their Manhattan, millions of women believe that it is a thing to which we should strive. This success is confidence, a style.

 Jimmy Choo shoes 20 000 - created not to wear?
Sales of Jimmy Choo took off after the TV series "Sex and the City"

And I, too, succumbed to the image. Of course, I did not think that the pair of Jimmy Choo will solve all my problems, but do not buy them, I could not. And the reason was. The day of my wedding, and I thought that this is the case, when I can afford to spend 20 000 for shoes. Moreover, I expect that I will be putting on a pair of coveted more than once, and will not be a tidy sum to bring me a complex woman who failed to discounts.

When I saw them in a shop window, it was love at first sight. A pair of sandals on average heel straps and shimmering gold. No other I were not interested. I needed this.

The day of the wedding. It is a magical day for each girl, everyone knows. And at me after he had left many wonderful memories, but like Cinderella after the ball, after the wedding, I lost my shoe. And not just one, like Cinderella, but both. Rather, they were in front of me, but I believe, they were gone. The morning after the wedding, they have become old and worn, ordinary sandals. They looked as if I wore them without taking a few weeks. And this after I spent most of the wedding day spent indoors, and only just barely stood on the lawn, talking to guests.

 Jimmy Choo shoes 20 000 - created not to wear?

The soles were completely worn out. Heel - scratched.

 Jimmy Choo shoes 20 000 - created not to wear?

Naturally, I wanted to revive their Jimmy Choo. I rushed to the cobbler. When I ordered to make new soles (it costs about 900 rubles), the master I was very surprised, saying that I had to bring them to him before you start to wear. His words were eloquent: "I see a lot of expensive shoes, and always said, and I say that you need a tamp shoes as soon as you take it from the storefront. Otherwise, it's like going out in the rain without a coat. "

Finally spoil my mood that Master put new soles that are not suited to the elegant design of my shoes.

 Jimmy Choo shoes 20 000 - created not to wear?

In general, in one day, I wear shoes valued at 20 thousand rubles, completely ruining it. It is a pity that the seller did not tell me anything about the extra taps when I buy shoes. And even more surprising is that the manufacturer did not make these naboek if without them (according to the shoemaker) do not need to go in the shoes of a new home. By the way, in the booklet for the care of sandals that came with the purchase of an expensive, too, about this nothing was said. It was written just about what should be avoided "rain and direct contact with heat, oil, grease, alcohol, and abrasive materials." Perhaps parquet - it is an abrasive material?

I complained to two of his wealthy friends who live abroad, failed to purchase Jimmy Choo, and they are, to my surprise, I calmly said that faced with the exact same problem. Here are their stories.

 Jimmy Choo shoes 20 000 - created not to wear?

Buyers are willing to stand in line for a new model of shoes all night to get the coveted Jimmy Choo

Diane, bought a pair of Jimmy Choo for 450 pounds, she lives in London. It was the first Christmas gift of her new boyfriend. "He took me into a boutique me to choose any pair. I spent at the store for three hours, before choosing a black Jimmy Choo buckle decorated with rhinestones. " Diana said that after buying the seller warned her: "before wearing, you must make an additional sole." Diana could not believe it. She thought that all that is necessary in such an expensive shoe care - is only skin cream. "I decided to do nothing. Are the shoes for 450 pounds can something happen? - I thought. But when I put them on, an hour later felt that one of the soles damaged. I had to go to the master to make new soles. Until now, I can not understand, what's the point - to make such delicate shoes? ".

Another friend, Amy, also bought Jimmy Choo for a wedding. Silver, on the heels with straps - that is necessary. She fell in love with them as well as I do in his. "I thought that the shoes for 350 pounds is not only incredibly comfortable and beautiful, but also durable. Certainly not! In the early hours of the sole was completely destroyed! "

Three cases and three identical result. Leads to the conclusion, is not it? But statistics are not enough, I thought. I placed his story in a social network for mothers, and within the first seconds of a girl I wrote my story with wedding sandals Jimmy Choo, which is one-to-one resembled mine. Someone wrote to me that the need to submit to the court ... But this prospect did not please me at all.

Then another and another. And wrote that Jimmy Choo shoes made with leather soles, and they should definitely incite before wearing. Another woman wrote me that these shoes should not be worn on the street at all.

We draw conclusions
I decided to go back to the store for some reason I wanted to come here again. The store brand Jimmy Choo, I turned to a counselor with questions. I was not at that time so frivolous and skeptical asked whether these sandals are durable. On the seller he remarked: "We have a lot of clients, and nobody has complained." I had to go forward and ask a direct question: "Is it possible to wear them on the street? ". What I received a terse reply: "Yes, shoes designed for wear." However, then the seller still gave in to my persistent doubts and said, "I'll will not lie, shoes are very thin and a couple of socks, they will look very shabby."

In general, girls! Do not repeat my mistakes. And if you decide to buy designer shoes, you must first make sure that your soles stand at least one busy day. And if in doubt, take a pair of shoes before the wearable shoe master.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin