Klarisonik, sponges "Cognac" and organic muslin: investigate the new items for cleansing
 Today's tests have not devoted cosmetic products, these new products can be called gadgets, and simply - devices. Some you may have heard. And now it's time to check them in.

In the past year it has been a real boom Clarisonic. Bloggers wrote about this device for cleansing the skin, the stars were advised to buy. Among the supporters and fans Klarisonika - Liv Tyler, girl with a nearly flawless skin. I also decided to try.

Clarisonic - this seemingly massager. Moving parts - it is a very soft brush. Manufacturer recommends to use this tool every day, morning and evening, during washing. Within a minute, should gently touch the face. Almost like an electric toothbrush! As a result, dead cells are gently exfoliate, blood circulation is activated, it will create all the conditions for a smooth and radiant skin.

 Klarisonik, sponges "Cognac" and organic muslin: investigate the new items for cleansing
I used Clarisonic almost six months. The thing is not cheap. I brought it from America. This brush was worth $ 149. First, it took 24 hours for the charging brush. But then - to use as simple as an electric toothbrush. Push the button and the soft tips in action. Blade makes more than 300 movements per second, according to the manufacturer, removes make-up six times more efficient than the conventional purification. This clears pores, reduces wrinkles, oily and dry skin are aligned. Clarisonic can be used with any detergent.

The question arises: what if we use usual brush face without electricity? The effect is the same? I tried, but I can tell you that I find totally useless conventional brush for the face, even in some places it was boring, still difficult to control arms and a circular motion, and pressing force of the brush on the face.

- First week.   I used a nozzle with the soft bristles for sensitive skin, do it for 1 minute. Skin irritation was not. Everything was very delicate. The skin condition improved markedly. And it is not just words. The skin has leveled off, it was not such a strong difference between the dry and oily areas of the skin, down slightly on the forehead wrinkles, pores look more clean, there was virtually no flaking of the skin.

- The third week.   However, a few weeks later there was a spot on the cheeks, skin roughness. But I persisted in daily use Klarisonika in the hope that these are temporary setbacks, not related to the device.

- Six weeks.   Irregularities not stopped. And six weeks later I went back to using a regular cleansing lotion and gauze.

 Klarisonik, sponges "Cognac" and organic muslin: investigate the new items for cleansing

Conclusion:   Clarisonic - a good thing, but not for everyday use. It's like a course of salon treatment, which sooner or later must end. One week is enough. Then a break for a few weeks. I advise.

 Klarisonik, sponges "Cognac" and organic muslin: investigate the new items for cleansing
 Konjac Sponge
To this sponge cognac has nothing to do, although it sounds very nice - "I wash my face with cognac." But the correct word is pronounced "konjac" or "konjac". Amorphophallus Konjac - is a perennial plant, it is also called potato Konjac, native to Asia, where his name sounds like Konnyaku.

This potato is grown in Japan and Korea, but wild forms of plants are found even in China. More than 1,500 years, the Japanese have used Konjac food. In the sixth century, this plant is used solely as a drug, but now it is often used as a thickener for the jelly and noodles.

 Klarisonik, sponges "Cognac" and organic muslin: investigate the new items for cleansing

However, do not try to put the sponge Konjac in the mouth, because they made it as a cleansing agent. The added bamboo charcoal sponge or French clay to improve its cleansing properties.

Composition sponge unique - proteins, carbohydrates, iron, phosphorus, copper, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C is an alkali sponge product with a balanced level PH.

 Klarisonik, sponges "Cognac" and organic muslin: investigate the new items for cleansing
Here, the sponge is white, but if you buy with clay, it will be gray-bluish

Testing sponge Konjac
Sponge very pleasant to the touch as soft mochalochka. Her gentle touch, which gives great hope, because cleaning the skin with a sponge, I will every day. It has no abrasive particles, which also pleases. I got a sponge natural, without any additives in the form of coal or clay.

Although they can be used without detergent, I tested with a small amount of gel for washing (it took a lot less than the usual use). Unlike gauze (my usual cleanser), the sponge does not absorb dirt and makeup. You just squeeze the water out of it at the end of the procedure, and it is more hygienic than conventional sponges for washing.

After cleansing Konjac sponge skin is a little damp, slightly velvety in appearance. And after a week of use, I saw in the mirror reflection of a clean and healthy skin. I liked especially pleased to know that it is a completely natural product.

The lack of one - a fairly high price. Order $ 20, and retains its properties just a sponge from a month to three. But if you make an assessment, I would put this new product 10 of 10.

 Klarisonik, sponges "Cognac" and organic muslin: investigate the new items for cleansing
 Napkins made of natural muslin
I decided to try one more innovation in skin cleansing - facial tissue from organic muslin. Generally, muslin cloth to cleanse your face - not news. This is a very good option. Fabric double-sided. Warmer side can be used for cleaning with detergent, and more brilliant - to remove residual detergent product. Muslin cloth for cleaning are in the collections of Liz Earle, Body Shop, and even IKEA offers a muslin cloth. But there was also a separate product - organic muslin. Him and try.

In addition to the purifying organic muslin cloth and provides a gentle exfoliation. The problem is the same - on napkins remains the dirt, they quickly get dirty and "fail." They can be washed, but after a wash cloths several properties changed.

The second problem - the high cost. Still paying for the usual type of cloth with more than 500 rubles is not desirable. I had and napkins from Liz Earle, and from IKEA (for children), and organic from Voya. I liked everything. Durable, soft, with well rounded seams. However, some very small. So, if you're looking for or sew yourself - do a good size that completely covers the face.

 Klarisonik, sponges "Cognac" and organic muslin: investigate the new items for cleansing

I advise you to use a napkin as follows: soak in very hot water, apply to the face, the pores will unfold. Then apply the cleanser and massage with warm cloth. And then dampen the cloth in cold water, turn on the clean side and remove excess detergent. In principle, a good way to clean your face, natural, non-irritating to the skin if the cloth frequently change, or at least wash.
Author: Julia Shestakova