Lady Perfection
 Someone from the pin to pin,
Someone from shoes to hats
Elegance itself?
From me crazy
And respectable
Gentleman gray,
And any boy ...
(Song of Mary Poppins)

Lady Perfection lives in each of us and to be it, not necessarily to move exclusively through an umbrella; only wear designer clothes or spend all my free time trying to become irresistible. In fact, if you count how many hours, say, a year, a woman spends on make-up, manicure, pedicure and other beauty treatments - will probably amazing figure. On the other hand, it's time sacrificed beauty and considered ridiculous. But, given the rhythm of our lives, it is extremely expensive - much better than happy to spend a few extra minutes, engaged in what I want to do, rather than wait for something painfully long.

So what is perfection? Perfection lies in the grooming and care. Groomed by-and-up to the fingertips. How would literally it sounds, but it is our fingertips, or rather, our nails can tell a lot about us. For example, the fact that we did not have time, or, conversely, that yesterday we visited a beauty salon. We can say that a manicure - it's part of the toilet lady, if not an accessory - most advantageous complement the red shoes, if not red nail polish? Time and manicures are linked very closely: how long will dry nail polish, nail how long will stay with us - only time can give us the answer. So we did not spend too much time looking for tools that can help us in this dilemma, I want to tell you about it herself.

As a researcher in our cosmetic voyage, I was lucky enough to try out one indispensable item for every traveler - "Drying» Looks Wet by INM, with the effect of "wet nail"

 Lady Perfection

To tell the truth, up to this point similar means I use it was not possible, because with passion experimenter, I was immediately struck this wonderful tool to your already familiar, lacquer, which, of course, is not quite true, but it is very, I would like to try . Here unusual happened - my nail, which was delivered a few days earlier, gained unprecedented richness and gloss. "Drying" instantly dry, and ...

And it took me quite a long time to part with this color, because the nail lasted longer than usual.

The second time I took the first varnish OTD Nail Laquer by INM , Having put a layer on top of "drying".

 Lady Perfection

Lac for a couple with a means dried up almost immediately, kept for a long time, not dimming, and without losing the color on the edges of the nail.

Then I parted, and became a try "drying" on all varnishes that I had. The ideal seemed a kind of bright paints saturated colors that "drying" add "flavor" of gloss and gloss, and resistance Well, of course.

In neutral shades varnishes "Drying" looks aristocratic-subtly, and also prolongs their life.

Being impressed with the result, I hasten to share them with you!
Author: Sincerely yours, Marina K.