Mirror, mirror ...
 He wants to see women considering their reflection in the mirror? She, the goddess of looking-glass, reflected in our eyes, must certainly have a healthy complexion and smooth skin, well-groomed hair, a mysterious smile and alluring gleam in his eyes.

Shine in the eyes appears a woman when she is in love or infatuated, captured by something unknown, new and exciting; gleam in the eye - is a reflection of inner happiness.

Glitter Hair - is also a reflection of their inner happiness, more precisely, an indicator of their health. Only healthy, to preserve the integrity, the hair is capable of reflecting light and transform it into a high luster is definitely important role in this task assigned to the smoothness of the shiny hair.

Curly, curly, wavy hair slightly differently refract light. If curly hair has its own, exclusive and non-transferable charm; if the hair, flowing beautiful waves and curls, superb on their own, what to do, for example, your humble servant, which by nature is very capricious and got locally curly hair?

Sometimes I want to ease, and I was a little wind the hair at his installation - and let them curl themselves as they please.

But in those moments when I want to give the maximum hairstyle subtlety, rigor and gloss, I use rectifiers and stylers. Not to say that such a campaign to straighten hair are beneficial, but the beauty ... beauty is worth it, and sacrifices to the feet of beauty, you can always find a decent alternative.

Masters of hairdressing, knowing thoroughly all hair types and their characteristics are increasingly developing their nominal line of hair care products.

Recently, the first time I picked up two bottles lilac, iridescent in the rays, alas, no longer gentle winter sun. These vials - shampoo and conditioner SUNSILK Co-Creations «mirror shine" for deprived shine .

 Mirror, mirror ...

Line Co-Creations   It was developed by leading experts of hair care products from around the world - series "High gloss" For example, developed Jamal Hammadi, an expert on giving shine to hair in Hollywood.

Shampoo and Balm contains in its composition of nacre extract and oil that nourish, strengthen and smooth the surface of the hair.

 Mirror, mirror ...
   On checking shampoo, as balm, have a nice, gentle smell, immediately made me an association with something doll-child. Shampoo perfectly washes hair without leaving them a feeling of heaviness, though, I have a strange habit - wash your hair to "squeak", which experts consider unhealthy - very thorough washing hair robs the scalp and the roots of a protective layer of fat that they are extremely necessary.

In this case, everything was in order, the hair was washed, rinsed, moistened balm, again washed and provided air dry.

 Mirror, mirror ...
 Note that unlike many other salves, balms SUNSILK Co-Creations mirror shine   very easily washed without films and heavy sensation in the heart of the hair. Also, its use does not burden the hair and when dry, but - really gives them smoothness.

This is particularly appreciated and my girlfriend who have come to me in a friendly way to wash your hair before an important meeting. And, I must say that my girlfriend even more curly than I am.

Shiny hair, joyful gleam in his eyes - the brilliant result!
Author: Sincerely yours, Marina K.