Orange juice
 How fast time - until recently, almost the other day, we are trying on sandals and summer dresses, anticipating the arrival of summer and going to the dreams and trips to distant countries; but now the cold wind and snow remind us that soon will begin the New Year, and a new stage in life. Who always, always begins with chimes, no matter what happens.

Ah, the endless winter days - so hard sometimes to understand what time of day, if you do not you will throw casually glance at the clock. These ice waking in the dark, painful ups, sleepy hiking in the shower, the traditional coffee and an incredible strength of will, forced out into the darkness and cold.

Cold, wind - not the best companions of beauty. In cold weather, problems with the skin does not diminished - on the contrary, peeling, irritation, resulting in the wind, spoil the mood is not worse than early awakenings.

Psychologists advise in the winter, in order to avoid depression and to lift the tone, surround yourself with things bright, rich, sunny colors. Nutritionists and doctors in their own way they are supported recommending to diversify your diet with vitamins and fruits, especially citrus fruits, which are associated with the winter and the New Year, is not it?

Support and please skin can be an early winter morning with a new facial scrub with microbeads invigorating "Morning Energy" from Clean & Clear .

 Orange juice

Scrub the consistency is a transparent, fairly thick and viscous gel, with two kinds of molecules - the bright, large, orange-orange and a small, light-yellow. Scrub smells utterly delicious - I'm biased to the smell! - Orange marmalade or candied fruit.

Scrub well exfoliate the skin and cleanse pores, and vitamin C and ginseng extract refreshes and tones. Designed for daily use of the morning, scrub gently applied to the skin without damaging it - it is really very easy, nice and gentle.

I took a chance, and scrub lightly smeared chapped lips - means bad they were treated, and the result has pleased me.

Excellent combination of morning for the benefit of peeling skin and eliminate the effects of the winter, in conjunction with the invigorating smell of an orange is able to wake up not only the skin, but my whole thing. Consolidate the results of nourishing cream, you can safely go on a winter street.

Lovely scrub, I was very pleased with the effect!
Author: Sincerely yours, Marina K.