sleeping Beauty
 For a long time, a very long time I get up half an hour earlier than it should have - in the morning I'm sure my head, followed by drying, stacking and other preening. Yes, I'm sorry to thirty minutes of sleep, which to me does not happen, but otherwise no way to do - if you wash your hair at night, then in the morning, my not very well-behaved hair will be difficult to tame - they stick out, to puff up, to refuse to deal with a brush and take a little bit presentable. So I put up with this, and the crisp morning, the procedure shampooing.

But for the first time in many years, I needed to wash your hair before going to bed - after I took a bottle of hand night cream for hair "Intensive restoration"   from Dove Repair Therapy .

 sleeping Beauty

It must be said that the combination of "Night Cream" has become more than familiar to our ears, but the harmony night cream and hair I somehow seem unusual at first. As it turned out, in vain, because it is at night, when we sleep, there is plenty of spare time to taking care of hair means.

Not wanting to delay the experiment I, to enhance the effect, washed her hair with shampoo Dove Repair Therapy Intensive Recovery And he took advantage of a conditioner after this series.

In general, the entire series Repair Therapy Intensive Recovery by Dove   contain components unique technology FIBRE ACTIVES and moisturizes Micro-serum Which penetrate deep into the hair structure and restore them from within, hydrating and smoothing.

The shampoo has a mild, neutral odor, well washes hair, leaving a pleasant feeling of softness and freshness.

 sleeping Beauty

Rinse - light, delicate, well-disciplined hair after washing, not allowing them to be heavy at the same time.

 sleeping Beauty

And then began the most interesting - dry hair with a towel, I paid a miracle cream that seemed weightless, non-greasy, but a little soap; with a pleasant, subtle scent, and, after a while drinking a cup of mint tea, I went to sleep.

The dreams I dreamed the most air, and in the morning, waking up to an alarm clock, I rushed to the mirror.

What turned out - certainly some confusion in the mind does happen, as in her sleepy. But much less than I expected.

The cream contains the proteins that we lose with regular exposure to water and detergents for hair and therefore recovery should be the maximum, which was developed this series.

In principle, the cream can be washed off in the morning, after the application, but I did not want to wash my hair, that is, the kind of unpleasant sensations I definitely did not have, and agreed to keep the hair using a round brush and a hair dryer with a low temperature. Also, no trace of the use of the cream has not been seen on the bed - the cream does not leave traces on clothes, which is also important. During the day, kept piling as much as usual, the truth, I forgot to use varnish, indicating that a fixing property of the cream.

In general, as it turned out afterwards, it is a fascinating experiment in the morning I can now sleep an extra half hour, as in a dream - to take care of hair.

The nice thing at this miracle cream that I was very happy, and have talked about it with all your friends.
Author: Sincerely yours, Marina K.