Snow - it's beautiful! But the only real!
 "The snow whirls, flies and melt ..." - remember that song? Snow - it's so magical and so romantic, snowflakes fall on your hair sparkle, and most caring in the world a man blows them with your soft curls ... And what if the snow does not melt on your hair? ...

Dandruff - that sort of thing, like and not immediately noticeable, but ready to spoil decent life. Who has not experienced the problem - envy. And the others will understand me. They certainly know the constant embarrassment, inconvenience and almost mechanically gesture of shaking off the shoulders of the nasty little things every time you remove a coat or fur coat. What here romantic and cute snowflakes on the hair when constantly having to adjust the clothes, hairstyle, behavior ...

I was faced with the problem of dandruff somewhere after school. I searched and tried many. Already in its almost 40 years, it seemed, I could write a book about it. Because the fighting continued all this time. I tried and medicated shampoos. The effect was, but very fleeting. Again, the mask rubbing, expectations of success ... the new product appears dandruff - with the hope of trying again ... and some disappointment. That hair is dry, but on the contrary makes them too fat ... And one of the problems of many dandruff shampoos - is that in spite of the effectiveness (ie dandruff on time use is reduced or disappears), as if the hair is not mine. Awry become unruly or some weak and sleek.

That is, most likely, the complexity of such products is that they are quite versatile, and in fact a modern approach to shampoos have been a little bit taught that the best use of resources suitable to their type of hair. But to meet such a product, and to cope with dandruff, and individual hair problems simultaneously is not possible.

But I had the opportunity to test the shampoo CLEAR vita ABE Hair Fall Defense dandruff "Protection from Hair Loss" . Intrigued by the result?

 Snow - it's beautiful! But the only real!

When dandruff - a problem that lasts for years, it is no wonder to have a very weakened hair and scalp. In addition, the cold winter and the constant wearing of hats. All this is certainly the hair and scalp does not strengthen. It was therefore pleased to try CLEAR vita ABE Hair Fall Defence That promises to not only fight with dandruff, but also protection from hair loss due to breakage. Shampoo that just meant for damaged hair and scalp.

The feeling from the first washing are very different from anything previously tried dandruff. First, the hair soft and tangle like after a good conditioner. Second, immediately felt some ease on the scalp. As if the skin was breathing. And no itching or flaking. Overall, excellent!

But dandruff shampoo special requirements .  Many products eliminate the problem the first time, when she returned after some getting used to the product .  So I first little sensation .  And that's what I can say .  I use shampoo for a month .  Now I do not need daily dressing .  Quietly I apply it in a day, although in the past with other dandruff shampoo hair quickly get dirty and I washed my head almost daily .  Then, I confirm that after a month of using the dandruff is really gone .  A scalp has become very soft, no discomfort, and sometimes even before it was unpleasant to touch - so dry and lifeless .  It's nice and what is no longer on the shoulders of not only dandruff, and hair, which sometimes remained on clothes .  I have a feeling that the comb they became much less to stay at combing .  In the shampoo have a slight pleasant scent that only adds to the advantages, as compared with the same medicated shampoos .  In general, if evaluate the product on a scale, I do put 5+ .

I am very happy to experiment! Be sure to buy a bottle of shampoo More Clear vita ABE Hair Fall Defence . I also hope that now my favorite black turtleneck is for me, as for most women, the saving part of the wardrobe (because it goes with everything and very slim), not revelatory, as it was before.

The snow on the street? It's great, because it melts so beautifully on the hair.
Author: Julia Gnedina