Step to the transformation
 "The road of a thousand miles begins with the first step"
Lao Tzu

I do not know whether there are women completely satisfied with their appearance, do not want to change, beautify or improve what is given to us at birth.

Probably not, which is why so many of the fair sex acts are aimed at to be transformed, like myself and others mad. How many steps on the path to the desired transformation to be done, hundred or a thousand - it depends on us, on whether we can shorten the route by selecting the best means to achieve the goal.

If someone in this life and was lucky enough to become the owner of smooth, silky hair, I am a little less fortunate. My hair on the nature of the country, wavy, fine; but it is very fuzzy, especially with the participation of atmospheric phenomena as precipitation and humidity. Compounding the gravity of their situation regularly hair coloring, styling and daily by hook or tap water as a result I have quite dry hair in the morning with all kind of haystacks. Well, or a bundle of autumn leaves, kolёr in this case, has no significant value.

Balms, conditioners, masks and other tools designed to moisturize and soften the hair, his mission carried out, but - completely kill lightness and mobility - my extremely finicky and very pretentious hair immediately fear the, and lie motionless strands overly weighted cosmetic products .

A step towards the transformation is very much want to, despite the coming winter season, nodding.

In this difficult, experimental transforms the way of a beautiful friendship concelebrated me one way, and his name - Transforms Serum Spray TOTAL-19 recovery from Gliss Kur, from Schwarzkopf & Henkel .

 Step to the transformation

Such bottles I saw more than once, in the salons and on the shelves in the bathroom of her friends. Try - is not solved, because the frightened me some nuances - how can you not wash vehicle after the application if it is not a means for stacking, and would not it be worse to me after these actions.

But always the first time, and he is, at times, it is the first step.
After washing the head and slightly dry hair with a towel, I generously sprayed Serum Spray on the hair naturally and without thinking to get rid of it.

The tool was not sticky, vodoobraznym, with a very pleasant floral smell that reminded me of something from my childhood. As the drying of hair, as it turned out, the hair is not stuck, not stuck together, do not hang, not drooped, and, on the contrary, quite well behaved, missed little wave instead of the usual squiggles. And even after the installation of a phenomenon that has been somewhat not as complicated as before, I was pleased with my haircut unusual softness and shine.

"Hooray! "- I thought, and went to read more about the composition of this serum.

 Step to the transformation
 As it turns out on closer inspection labels, serum specially designed for dry and damaged hair.

  The product, which included 19 active ingredients that restore hair at the cellular level, reduces hair breakage by 95%, gives a sensitive care hair silky shine and softness.

Full match, complete transformation, and passed several steps - is not that a victory?
Author: Sincerely yours, Marina K.