Testing universal cleaning and protecting remedy TOPICREM
 The last few years of all cosmetics for skin care I get exclusively in pharmacies. Why is that? In principle, nothing original - bought, liked the fact that the friendly employee details and authentically tell about kremchiki and lotions, I decided to maintain the tradition. So, in early fall, I made another raid in my favorite drugstore in search of facial cleanser.

Familiar saleswoman that I think in the course of my desires better than I hurried to share the information that is now in the pharmacy have Topicrem - French brand, which appeared in Russia recently, but such good quality that it is used by people even with very dry skin. And as the yard was autumn, I know that this time of year, my skin starts to dry as raisins and hydration for her - the essentials. Especially bad in this pharmacy never advise me, so without thinking twice, I made the purchase.

Girls, I use it for more than two months, and now in a hurry to share their impressions.

Firstly, on the packaging it says that means not only cleaner, but also protect - soothes the skin and increases the natural defenses. I first thought it was strange, she thought, it is impossible to flush contaminated then another, and protect the skin. But, if you check a few times, I realized that the information - reliable.

Further more. The forums discovered that the cleanser Topicrem is versatile: suitable even for cleansing the face of cosmetics. Tests carried out under the control of experts showed that it can be used as a means for personal hygiene. Here, I quote buzzwords: "The structure includes means bioekoliya that enhances skin's natural defenses day by day, such as the component bisabolol reduces the feeling of tightness and discomfort caused by dry skin." So it's true! I use my Topicrem for a variety of purposes, and everywhere he is on top!

The product has a pleasant smell, does not dry and does not irritate the skin, does not cause allergies. After using the skin smooth and soft to the touch.

Especially I liked the fact that the facility is available in a bottle with dispenser 500 ml. The main plus - costs are very economical and it lacks a long time, even taking into account the fact that the whole family enjoys. And my family is rather big - parents, husband and two children. That's already started the third month, and we enjoy. I think you will stretch jar all winter?

 Testing universal cleaning and protecting remedy TOPICREM

In general, if you want to use something particularly high quality and useful for the skin, the Topicrem - this is what you need. I am now a fan of the brand - and bought kremchiki hand and facial moisturizing lotions, New Year plans to buy glamorous ruler. Use and Narada! And I wish you the same.

Less PS is still there - the smell of money so pleasant that my youngest decided to try a little, and fed them dolls. So be careful!
Author: Julia Gnedina