The summer is over
 Extreme dawned summer in central Russia this year - heat waves and smog far away chased the dream of a beautiful tan and pleasant walks. Testing the patience of residents, summer suit also check the skin, rather, a kind of a test-drive of cosmetic products - whether they are ready to withstand the onslaught of heat and maintain their useful properties; not to harm the beauty and help in every way to help in the fight against the vagaries of the weather.

Moscow for a few days became similar to the set thriller, which takes place either in the East or the Wild West - faces of passers-by were hidden dressings, handkerchiefs, bandanas - everything that could somehow protect against smoke.

But it goes - the air already in the autumn is cool, the rain washed away the memories of the exhausting heat of, but I, unfortunately, I can not boast that the summer was good for my skin - not knowing the special problems with it, I am now faced with the unpleasant discovery in the form of irritation, uneven patches and small pimples. Not the best start for the opening of the autumn season, is not it? And if time can heal the soul, what I am able to help my skin?

Mourn, thinking, I appealed to the two wonderful tools that have helped me in a few days - one of them - cosmetic care products for problem skin ARTISTRY from Amway, .

 The summer is over

This gel, light, non-greasy gel containing extracts of ginseng and chamomile, salicylic acid and a set of components NUTRILITE, known for its soothing qualities. The gel can be applied once or twice a day (I was upset, but he and enjoyed), after cleansing and before applying makeup - Gel, by the way, an excellent basis for it. The gel can be applied only on the problem area of ​​the skin or on the entire surface as soon as I do. What can I say - my markedly diminished disorders - skin became smoother, redness disappeared, and other causes of my dissatisfaction. The pores are narrowed, a complexion acquired a healthy and pleasant shade. In addition, the gel does not contain flavorings - which, of course, reduces the possibility of any irritations and allergic reactions; after the application is left feeling uncomfortable, do not shine there. Excellent and even magical means, frankly.

Mindful of the fact that to maintain the beauty easier than to remedy deficiencies afterwards, I took advantage of the services and facilities of the second - cleansing mask ARTISTRY essentialis from Amway, .

 The summer is over

This mask is made of clay mineral, and is ideal for deep cleansing. Due to its composition of minerals zinc, copper and magnesium, as well as ginseng, Mask helps cleanse and narrow pores and get rid of greasy. I used the mask three times a week, putting it on a clean face and leave for 15 minutes before drying. For me sounded a bit weird combination of the words "Humidification" and "Cleansing", according to the manufacturer, but, fortunately, my doubts were caused by excessive suspicion - a mask, even podsohnuv not tightens the skin, and after washing did not leave feeling of dryness. In contrast, the skin was smooth and supple like after applying light cream. Mask suitable for skin prone to dryness, that I, in my somewhat poor condition, more than a suit and impressed.

Satisfied with the result, and introduced himself to you in a hurry, these two funds to cure me of my sadness postletney!
Author: Sincerely yours, Marina K.