The wind of change
 "Look at my haircut - I'm ready for war! "- Once said Jose Mourinho, coach of the football teams of" Chelsea "," Inter "and many others. Indeed, mohawk, along with war paint, frightened the enemies men of Indian tribes. Hairstyles as beautiful ladies, their hair has always been the subject of admiration and pride.

Hairstyle - is even more than make-up, no wonder the French say that if you want to look better - should just wash your hair.

Perhaps the recipes for hair there is many times more than any other. And if you want to change? If you want to change the heart unrestrainedly, the hairstyle can be, in this case the perfect solution, regardless of whether we venture to a short haircut or just unusual, or make a new installation.

Hair - a kind of literary image, no description of the romantic heroine will not do without mentioning her hairstyle, her hair flying in the wind ...

Travel - also a very romantic activity, but in order to daring the winds of change that accompanies us throughout the route, has not prevented us look irresistible beauty in our voyage, we should not forget about the styling.

What should it be the ideal way - perhaps it should not weigh down your hair, be quite noticeable, and at the same time, keep absolute loyalty - have reliable fixation.

 The wind of change
 To create a romantic image in our journey today suggest to use Mousse "Megamaniya" from got2b, Schwarzkopf & Henkel, with lift-effect "collagen" .

It so happened that I, having the nature of the strange and curly hair, all my life I suffer with installation. When high humidity can really think I'm ready for war - curly hair as they want and refuse to lie nice waves unaided. I often subjected themselves to various experiments, ranging from hair curlers of all kinds and forms, and ending with a permanent chemistry; idle for half an hour with a hairdryer in one, and a round brush - in his other hand, but in my heart dreamed of lightness. The ease with stacking. So I periodically hair cut very short, almost a boy, to somehow make their lives easier. But this hot summer, despite the short cut my hair continued to show its complex nature.

Of course, I was pleasantly surprised, having caught at its disposal this magic red bottle of mousse, because in the process of testing revealed that the volume of effortless ease and raised my haircut may have effortlessly. Mousse light, the hair does not stick together, especially in the heat of joy; the effect of lightness accompanies the laying of a day, as the volume of the hair gives a lift effect mousse.

 The wind of change
 I liked the fact that you can select mousse and to emphasize some of the strands, making careless boyish haircut ruffled; or neat splendor. You do not lose their natural; without "sticky crusts" instead of hair and excessive torture, can be tamed hairdo and give her a super-romantic view, consolidate the results of varnish the same series "Megamaniya" from got2b, Schwarzkopf & Henkel .

Means more than lived up to my expectations; In addition, waiting for the winds of change, you can change itself every day, adding something in his manner, and confidently moving forward towards the dream!
Author: Passing wind us, sincerely yours, Marina K.