Fashion trends: Mediterranean style
 Designers often enough (especially in the summer collections) to create an image inspired by the ethnic costumes of any country, or the style of famous people. That and this season is no exception. In the center of attention was the Mediterranean with all its diversity. From costumes Italy, Spain, Greece and ending with sexual images created by such well-known actresses like Sophia Loren, Anna Magnani, Claudia Cardinale, etc.

The characteristics of this trend: corsets, cropped tops, voluminous skirts, embroidery and lace, bright and large ornaments, neutral makeup. Sexuality and modesty come together in this style.

For those who prefer a more tranquil images will approach the Greek style: draperies, long skirts and asymmetry. But first things first.

Women have fought for so long to get rid of them, and is now returning to this idea. It is a corset or a modern version - a bust. Tops and body, stylized as a torture this article of clothing makes women very sexy image.

 Fashion trends: Mediterranean style

Picking the right pair, you can wear it as a job, and in the clubs, restaurants, theaters, etc. To create the actual combines these tops and tank tops with jackets, skirts to the knee with embroidery or lace trim. Stylish look with skirts that resemble a shawl or scarf, but not satin. And so, as if this shawl tied on top of the skirt.

For a more playful way, try wearing a "corset" with a skirt-sun.

Relevant not only to the classic forms of corsets - Strapless, but shortened and straps. The main thing is that they are the right color: black, green, with a floral pattern, beige, burgundy, etc.

Ruffles and frills
Ruffles and frills - a traditional attribute dresses Spaniards and Italians. Once submitted Gypsies, or peasant clothing of the peoples of the region (as in the movie "Zorro"). In general, there is much to see and be inspired. If you choose a dress, it will have to be floor-length skirt if - then can be any length.

 Fashion trends: Mediterranean style

Again, the supplement did not dress bright makeup and lots of jewelry (not gray).

Blouses with voluminous sleeves
Blouses free cut with rukavami- "flashlight" or bulk ¾ sleeves create the necessary mood and image. Wear them with wide skirts, shawls, large ornaments. Look great with skirts, trimmed around the edge of ruffles or lace. Desirably, blouses were white or milky.

 Fashion trends: Mediterranean style

If the design stamp has a distinct style, then it can be worn with jeans. As a basic rule to create any style - give the image its plaque. Still, we live in the 21st century.

Greek style
If bright and sexy image is not for you, then you'll appreciate the outfits that make you nymphs and goddesses. Draperies, lightweight fabric and asymmetry will help to create a light summer image in the Greek style. Wide bracelets, braids and sandals complement the outfit.

 Fashion trends: Mediterranean style

The advantage of this style is the free cut that will not hamper movement and hide flaws, if any.
Author: Vera Karabutova