Khaki - colors of autumn 2012
 Almost all cosmetic and fashion brands have already presented their autumn makeup collection, and can speak with certainty about the new trend khaki. It is complemented by all shades of camouflage.

We will what colors are recognized as a major in the style of "military" and "safari", not warlike, and very feminine. And nail polish marsh color and shade of khaki look elegant, even luxurious.

Generally, fashion historians say that the style of "military" and "safari" appear in fashion as a response to the reality of too militant. So it was with a collection New Look   from Dior One of the main colors that have become brown and marsh. And this collection was a response to the end of the Second World War. So it was in the sixties, when the war in Vietnam in the wardrobe of fashionistas responded safari dresses and the new coming of the trench. Let us recall the 80s - the years of extreme tension in Afghanistan and the Caribbean, as well as military operations of the Falklands. I do not want to think about the bad, but it seems that the world has accumulated too much aggression and military conflicts in North Africa in 2011-2012 could not affect the fashion trends.

Well, let's talk about hacks. It is this autumn promises to be very beautiful and expensive.

Chief legislator trend khaki makeup Autumn 2012 - Dior And a collection of autumn products Dior Golden Jungle .

 Khaki - colors of autumn 2012

Among the bog sandy novelties stands out, of course, nail polish. For the first time in the history of nail polish shades of khaki became trendy. Nails khaki   - This is probably the main finding of Autumn. Never before has there been so much camouflage colors in the collections of nail polish. If the previous five years by the legislator in the field of nail polish was Chanel , The season for the first time in recent years brand Dior   He offered several new products, which have become iconic and trendy for a few seasons ahead.

The most luxurious new items in shades of military:

- A pair of Dior   Gold + dehiscent hacks cracelures not normally obtained in the form of uniform cracks, and under the skin of a snake;

 Khaki - colors of autumn 2012

- A beautiful gray-green of autumn make-up collection Collistar Milano ;

- Several blue-green and brown collection On Safari   from China Glaze ;

- Shade Explosif   (taupe) from the collection Metal Mania   from Estee Lauder   and Tom Pecheux ;

 Khaki - colors of autumn 2012

Eye makeup in shades of khaki   - Second hit Autumn 2012. Moreover, the protective green boldly placed on the entire eyelid, or in combination with bronze.

Note the most beautiful shade of khaki in Autumn 2012:

- Five-color reticulation by Dior   in the embodiment Khaki Design ;

 Khaki - colors of autumn 2012

- Paletka On The Road   from Kat Von D ;

 Khaki - colors of autumn 2012

- Hue Mossy Green   from the collection of persistent cream novelties Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour Eyeshadow ;

- Matt forest green   Three out of the shadows forest green ;

- In the autumn collection Burberry Beauty   several shades of shadows the color of the traditional English trench coats, and this khaki and sand;

- Clarins   presented the colors of natural minerals in the collection Ombre Mineral ;

 Khaki - colors of autumn 2012

- Paletka Pure Chromatics   from the fall collection from from Yves Saint Laurent , Which includes metallic shades: white, gold, green, khaki.

 Khaki - colors of autumn 2012

Speaking of hacks in the make-up it can not be said about the eyeliner and mascara. Warm, marsh and burns emerald shades - typical autumn. Eyeliner and eyelashes khaki   in trend. And we like the fact that olive green pencils and graphite wading mascara is suitable for almost all styles of makeup and skin tone.

- Eyeliner Dessin du Regard   from Yves Saint Laurent , Shades 13 Saharan Bronze   and 14 Excentric Green ;

- Mascara Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking , Graphite, green, Yves Saint Laurent ;

- Lunasol Intellectual Liquid Eyeliner, shade # 02 Greenish Gray   (gray-green);

 Khaki - colors of autumn 2012

The photo model with the show Chanel Fall-2012
Author: Julia Shestakova