Matte lips - Trend Fall 2012
 Several global cosmetic brands release new products this fall matte lip. Why is that? Because it is - a trend!

Matte lips dominated the catwalks of autumn shows. And it has not always been the classic red shades. Pure crimson makeup artists give preference shows Victoria Beckham and Marc By Marc Jacobs on the New York week. Scarlet Matte was in the spotlight hits PPQ and Rick Owens (London and Paris). And in Milan Pat McGrath came up with a new "dark romance" - a drunken cherries from Gucci. Bottega Veneta suggested trace lip liner and black paint over the red matte lipstick. Dark cherry, burgundy and crimson Gothic was the girl from Rochas, Viktor & Rolf.

 Matte lips - Trend Fall 2012

Color, of course, important in matte lips. But the real secret of makeup with a matte lipstick - it is a good lip liner. And for the perfect matte lips pros give advice, not only circle the lip liner, but this pencil and paint the entire surface within the contour, and then apply matte lipstick. After blot lips, "biting" lips napkin, and again correct lip liner surface and contour.

 Matte lips - Trend Fall 2012

Basics lip care for matte lipstick

1. First of all, it is a thorough exfoliation. Exfoliation is important because the matte lipstick like a second skin, it reveals the full surface of the skin of the lips. Ways to exfoliate your lips weight: from massage toothbrush with Vaseline to home sugar scrub (eg, brown sugar + honey + olive oil).

2. The next step - moisture. Apply a lip balm or a layer of fat cream, leave for 10 minutes, then remove excess tissue, holding it between his lips, "uh-uh". Now ready for the make-up lips.

3. For make-up, as said before, the main thing - the presence of a good color of the liner, the border of the lips should be clear. Apply matte lipstick is best to brush or your fingers. Stick itself lies too thick, it is for matte lipsticks too much. One layer of lipstick would be enough, if you pre-painted over the surface of the lip pencil.

4. Some makeup artists recommend for greater haze add a little pigment powder or eyeshadow. Of course, no flickering, and too dull.

Let's find the best deals among matte lip products. We run through autumn make-up collection.

Guerlain More summer announced its matte trends for fall 2012 - lipstick Rouge G L'Extrait Lip Matte Colour. This is a classic lipstick Guerlain Rouge G with a mirror, a continuation of the traditions of Guerlain, but with ultra-modern content. This fall, a special favor matte lip requiring flawless makeup and condition of the skin of the lips. That is why in the composition formula uhazhivayushie specific components:
- Hyaluronic acid to smooth lips and make them plumper.
- Centella Asiatica (Tiger Grass) - a well-known ingredient for stimulating the synthesis of collagen.
- Guggul resin, used in Ayurvedic medicine, a component for easy slip lipstick.

For matte lipstick special attention, because they are completely have to repeat the skin, absorbed without being sticky. It's all there at the Guerlain Rouge G L'Extrait Lip Matte Colour.

 Matte lips - Trend Fall 2012
Face of a new lipstick - Natasha Vodianova

One of the most exciting new products this fall - lipstick by Kate Moss and British brand Rimmel . Lipstick matte, high quality. At Rimmel is probably the thing that definitely need to buy. And the choice - from luxury five shades stylish red packaging with the stroke of a «Kate».

 Matte lips - Trend Fall 2012

 Matte lips - Trend Fall 2012
Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipsticks, shades 101, 107, 110, 111, 113

French Vogue announces another novelty Matt Autumn 2012, from Armani . In November, appears Lip Maestro Color Zero, this matte top coat lip. Just how the matte finish nail, this product can be applied to absolutely any cover from the top (and matt and glossy), to give a haze.

 Matte lips - Trend Fall 2012
Left - Lip Maestro Color Zero, the right - Lip Maestro Intense Velvet

Burberry   presents its matte novelty - Lip Velvet, will be released in October, 2012. In the photo the new shade of lipstick velvet Pink Apricot No. 301 (right).

 Matte lips - Trend Fall 2012

NARS   among its autumn products also made a focus on the matte lips, offering two products - a pencil NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in shade More, and lipstick NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in the color of Amsterdam.

 Matte lips - Trend Fall 2012

Author: Olga Larsen