Overview of Trends Spring-Summer 2010
 This season, designers completely abandoned the gloomy mood of the autumn-winter and dark shades that prevailed in the last season, in favor of pure white and pastel shades, subtle and sublime fantasies of lung tissue, creating a dreamlike mood. Fashion critics have even complained that this season like fashion resets the palette to start with a clean slate.

There is nothing purer white - the symbol of purity and spirituality. It is preferred that the color of the leading fashion houses, such as Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Bottega Veneta, Fendi and Chanel. International art director of P & G Beauty makeup artist Pat McGrath calls this trend "a new dawn", and, in terms of make-up, a return to the simplicity and freshness, as opposed to satiety and frills. International Art Director Pantene Sam McKnight agrees with it, speaking of a "new minimalism" and "casual elegance" as key topics in hairstyles spring-summer 2010. Meanwhile, Eugene Suleiman, international art-director of Wella Professionals Care & Styling, cited " experimental design, revealing new facets of romance. "

These trends have resulted in a trend called P & G Beauty - TechnoRomance, and combining in himself the romance of modern life with a high-tech future . The idea of ​​innocence manifested in many fashion collections - from Chanel to Kinder Agguguni, Miu Miu, Marchesa, Michael Kors and Bottega Veneta - pastel shades and ease the complexity of the response of previous seasons.

However, this does not mean that there is no longer a luxury place. According to P & G Beauty, seeming minimalism in choosing colors fully compensated by the luxury of expensive fabrics, original silhouettes and accents for detail.

It is this trend - the emphasis on plain and expensive items, found an echo in the collections of internationally renowned fashion houses: Chloe, Chanel, Nina Ricci and Prada.

The need for comfort and natural naturalness during the difficult economic situation leads to the dominant theme of "sophisticated simplicity", which is reflected in the collections of fashion houses like Donna Karan, inspired by the four natural elements, Balmain with luxurious fabrics, sitting like a second skin and DSquared2, where the theme of unity with nature embodied in the simple but comfortable things.

Not surprisingly, a key trend for many fashion brands has become an escape from reality and a flight of fancy Expressed in a variety of magically "Alice in Wonderland" by Tim Burton at Versace, "Doctor Dolittle" from Anna Sui and the theme of travel at Rochas, Issa and Aquascutum. Spirit travels and was beaten at the Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga, enthusiastic travelers and spirit of the city. Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton described the mood of this collection as the "City of utilitarianism." At Missoni simple ethnic items were embodied in the idea of ​​"neo-rave", where the wealth of other cultures is expressed through personal style. All this points to the impact of another trend, called Nomad Couture, which combines chic and nomadic way of life inspired travel merging cultures.

 Overview of Trends Spring-Summer 2010

The hairstyles of the season trend of luxury and glamor was slightly revised: a new guiding principle became a double concept - minimalism and focus on details. International Art Director Pantene Sam McKnight says: "Hair of the season - the absolute epitome of modern elegance. When creating images almost all the shows this season, we were based on the sensuality and softness, texture and radiance, simplicity and ease. It is reflecting the idea of ​​minimalism. A second aspect of the forces to concentrate on the smallest detail: Left Are you the tips of the hair curly, or made sure to straighten them? Every detail matters " .

The theme of fantasy and escape from reality was the basis for creating images Eugene Suleiman, international art director for Wella Professionals Care & Styling, which easily combines his work with contemporary refined form.

"No one escapes the technological aspect of our culture - Says Eugene. - Technologies affect everything we do and make it modern. But at the same time, we can always escape from reality into our fictional world " . It is an escape into another reality provoked partly unfavorable economic situation and partly the cult of celebrity, which creates the illusion of accessibility ideal life. This mood is reflected in the hair. Light, weightless texture and dynamics: freely flowing hair and dreamy for creative persons.

This general mood for change gives the contrast of the main trends in hairstyles: sculptural forms and braids, hair shades of light pastel to rich saturated colors - all these fashion trends Spring-Summer 2010.
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina