Powder Trend: cleansing and exfoliating powders
 Cosmetics in the form of powder or powder has its advantages. We often use means of powdery makeup. But, what about a product for washing powder?

The trend has already been called "the new powdery trend." Like many in the cosmetics, the idea came from Asia. Manufacturers of cosmetics in Japan and South Korea have long offered their compatriots makeup powders, from masks and scrubs to detergents and conditioners.

Asian women are powdery means every day, while European women and American trend has taken root primarily in traveler. Means powder weighs practically nothing, it saves space in your luggage.

Other, equally important benefit, which must be said. Powder means the least susceptible to bacterial growth, they are kept longer. The main thing - do not use powder diluted with water (this paste) again.

 Powder Trend: cleansing and exfoliating powders

Exfoliating powder

On the surface, these scrubs powders similar to talcum powder or baby powder. Marking the product - "exfoliant powder", which can be translated literally as "peeling powder" or "powdered scrub."

Cream scrubs often felt too heavy on your face and scrub powder - a product of light, not greasy. The method of application is very simple. The product should pour into wet palm, rub your hands together until the vehicle turns into a light foam or mousse. Then spend exfoliation face as usual, with light circular movements, without touching the eye area. And rinse agent.

The advantage of powdery scrub - mainly in the fact that every means devoid of oils, fats, very light and weightless. As ingredients used rice, salicylic acid, ground oatmeal, algae extracts, natural fruit (in a dried and particulate form), medicinal plants.

Powder detergent

On the package it appears as Facial Cleansing Powder. Texture means looks like a fine detergent. Sometimes there are disposable packaging containers. This capsule such like tiny packaging for yogurt. In the same package - a dose of powder for one application. In packaging add a little water - and detergent ready.

 Powder Trend: cleansing and exfoliating powders

The resulting detergent has a very easy formula, degreased, sometimes consists of whitening ingredients. If you do not want to exfoliating agent - choose the product with the consistency of powdery dust. But if the detergent will be major grain - it means that the vehicle in front of you 2-in-1 soap + Scrub.

Powder detergents are suitable for all skin types, even very sensitive to the signs of skin disease (rosacea, acne, acne). If there is a part of white clay - a product for oily skin, clay absorbs sebum. Even ingredients such as hyaluronic acid may be part of the powdered product.

 Powder Trend: cleansing and exfoliating powders

Incidentally, the powder is produced by different brands cosmetics: the budget, and suites. Here, for example, two powdery detergent means luxury and mass market:

- Givenchy Hydra Sparkling One-minute Glow Powder   (1200 rubles). Powder removes impurities and closes the pores in just 60 seconds. Touching the skin moist palms, powder instantly turns into a silky foam, it is applied to the face and wash off with warm water.

- Lush Let The Good Times Roll   (about 250 rubles). This detergent has more and anti-aging properties, as well as mouth-watering smell of corn (as a part of crushed corn). The product is the size of a pea mixed with water and applied as soap on your face.

 Powder Trend: cleansing and exfoliating powders

Masks powders

This product has been popular in Russia. Masks Chinese, Korean and Japanese production in powder form sold in online stores and perfumeries networks. To use them is also very convenient - as stated in a well-known advertising "just add water". Leave the paste on your face for 10-20 minutes and rinse with warm water.

The product does not take up much space, light, weightless. As a rule, it does not have a structure of artificial colorants, fragrances and other unwanted constituents such as preservatives.

Pets alternative

Generally, powdery trend is not some novelty for those who prepare cosmetics at home, even occasionally. As a rule, domestic masks and scrubs are prepared precisely on the basis of powder products, first preparing a dry mixture and then pour water into it.

Powder ingredients for homemade cosmetics can be conserved for a long time to come. For example, powdered oatmeal, mixed with ground dried herbs - you can prepare in advance and diluted with water only the amount that is needed for a single application.

Main advantages:

- Powder cosmetics hygienic, virtually eliminated the growth of bacteria and germs, even after contact with air and light.

- You can choose their consistency, what you like: more liquid or thicker.

- Powder products contain parabens, preservatives, dyes, fragrances - it makes them hypoallergenic.

- Powdery agent can be enriched not only water but also butter, yoghurt (for masks and scrubs), creams and lotions.

Try a new powdery trend! Summer days are suitable for this best.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin