Trend decoration Summer 2012
 In the classic sense of decoration are considered optional accessories, designed to emphasize the beauty of the clothes, the taste and the true nature of their owners. Recently, however, they claim to be independent style attributes, combined with various elements of the wardrobe.

Especially those varieties that have become fashionable in the current season and keeps popping up on beautiful women. By choosing them, you can afford a little experiment and change the time to turn on the procedure of preparation for the new season (change of wardrobe → buying jewelry) in the opposite direction.

But first, I suggest to see - what varieties of favor in modern fashionistas and stylists who use these accessories to display the best features of the female characters.

 Trend decoration Summer 2012
 Massive bohemian
Yes, volume and flashy necklaces naturally replace elegant chain (previously considered a symbol of good taste, and sometimes - and belonging to the high society). At the same time in parallel with them are in vogue and other large ornaments (hair clips, bracelets).

Allow yourself these accessories today the true representatives of bohemia and, of course, the girl, partially oriented to their style. And the stars in recent years, often demonstrate how any woman can transform modernized necklace with large links of precious metals and gemstones, as well as conventional colored beads, ropes and plastic.

 Trend decoration Summer 2012

Huge selection of large necklace in vintage style with silver and gold plating, as well as from simulated pearls offers, in particular, the American company CAROLEE. It is noteworthy that some of the accessories that the brand is one of the most representative contemporary women - US First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.

Wearing jewelry can be bulky clothing and footwear in the ethnic style and pastel colors, long skirts and dresses. Colorful and impressive look at these accessories, and a lover of jeans. Additionally, the owner of their stylists recommend replenish wardrobe with bright bags.

 Trend decoration Summer 2012
 Geometric shapes
The geometry in jewelry does not lose relevance for several consecutive seasons. Now curly accessories with understated pattern and easy coloring, as well as decorating the previous category, can be roughly attributed to the elements of the bohemian style.

Try to combine them with blouses with geometric patterns, strict straight skirts and other attributes of office style or unusual clothing designed "in the spirit of" hot continent. And around you will notice in a real connoisseur of modern style.

 Trend decoration Summer 2012
 Bright natural colors
All shades of sand, milk, azure, emerald and pink do not lose their relevance in the tradition of body season. So this summer you will be easy to emphasize the cheerfulness and positive attitude with the help of trend monotone ornaments of flowers. Especially if you give preference to returning in fashion outfit, characteristic once for ladies, peasant and used to recreate the feminine retro style today, that is:
- Guipure and pleated skirts and sundresses;
- Voluminous blouses;
- Tapered trousers.

And, of course, if you love sleek minimalist and unusual color of clothing.

By the way, milk, blue and reddish decorations and their unique combination you can afford in the event that gives preference to the traditional style of the marina (with its abundance of white shades).

 Trend decoration Summer 2012
 With natural scenes
Pendants, rings, bracelets with images of beetles and butterflies, reminiscent of painted pearl ring in the shape of flowers and other elements of the vegetation is now in caskets:
- Extraordinary and delicate female romantics;
- Lovers of discreet office outfits;
- Priverzhenits vintage fashion;
- Tsenitelnits maritime style.

If you are among them - make haste to get these accessories made of precious casket at the height of beach season, and make them a part of their summer image. By purchasing such jewelry now, you can combine them with the beneficial:
- Dresses and tunics decorated with floral print;
- Creative and comfortable sandals and tankettes decorated (according to the latest trend) colors.
and other elements of their unique wardrobe.
Author: Alla Pilipenko