Do we need a daily routine?
 Like it or not, but from the word "regime" inevitably "smacks" obyazalovke. And it means only one thing - the restriction of our freedom, desires and short-term life plan, schedule orders. However, note that this option is not necessary to someone, and, above all, ourselves. Just because scheduled organism lives easier and, as studies show, slimmer and happier.

War is war, and lunch schedule

The problem slim figure today of concern to many. However, before you go on a diet, look to your graphics power, respond to your questions: whether one and the same time you eat, resulting in bouts of overeating when you can not control yourself, and "erase" confectionery stocks? All these problems - "brutal" appetite, overeating, excessive consumption of high-calorie foods - are a consequence of eating disorders. Think of a situation when you skip breakfast, and then at 11 am "dying" of hunger and ready to chew everything that comes their way. Skipping a full hot lunch leads to a complete loss of power and a strong appetite late in the evening. This is how the body reacts to what you do not feed it to the same most suitable for this hour. Skipping breakfast will inevitably slows metabolism, and a hearty dinner deposited at the waist.

Nutritionists at the University of Eastern Finland conducted a study that lasted 16 long years. Children who eat five times a day, do not gain weight even if their parents are obese. Weight problems encountered mainly in the group of children who were fed two to three times per day.

Thus, scientists have concluded that it is necessary to eat five times a day. That's the number of meals is optimal for the human body to prevent disruptions of food and not gain weight. Firstly, it is breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time; secondly, two healthy snacks - between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner. If you stick to this schedule, famine will not find you by surprise. You will not be broken, overeat, and therefore do not give excess weight no chance!

 Do we need a daily routine?

We get up with a smile and fireworks plans

Many people are experiencing serious difficulties with morning rise. They truly hate the morning, and because of this destructive feelings begin to feel an aversion to their work, irritability and general dissatisfaction with life. A person begins to seem that the head - notorious bastard work - could not be worse, colleagues - one worse than the other, and in the house - some egoists who to top it all spoil the nerves in the morning. Alas, few seriously reflect on that morning voltage can be easily removed, if early (21-22 hours) to go to sleep every day. It is only at first glance it seems that you have some urgent business. In fact, the morning is always wiser than the evening. In the morning and annoyance will not, and forces all cases there will be more, and then you deal with them quickly and easily.

Pill from stress

Entire groups of academic institutions are struggling with the challenge of reducing stress, which, as you know, has the property to accumulate and "pour" in chronic diseases (such as cardiovascular, gastrointestinal tract, etc.). With nervous tension people are fighting the most harmful ways - smoking cigarette after cigarette, poured liquor anxiety, "hooked" on antidepressants and sweet. But the mode of the day - this is the most natural and effective means of stress. When the body gets used to perform actions in the same time (work, rest, eat, sleep, do fitness), it is much better prepared for stress. They are not for him "an unpleasant surprise". My daily routine improves human. Thanks to him, we will restore power and better feel.

Creating a personal regime, and adherence to it will allow you to improve your health and enhance results. So whether you need a daily routine? Answer this question for yourself!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya