Let's talk frankly: gut health
 An important aspect of human health is the timely removal from the body of toxins. Accumulation of the latter significantly reduce life expectancy - show scientists and doctors. Efforts to cleanse the body of harmful and toxic substances assumes intestine. For it is well fulfill its function, it is necessary to take care of him.

The intestine - is part of the digestive system, whose role - rid the body of all the elements that are not necessary and, furthermore, may be a threat to him. The process of purification occurs after undigested particles enter the small intestine of a fat. In this department absorbed mineral salt and water, and the remaining semi-solid mass consists of 60-70% water and 10-30% of the bacteria, dead cells coupled to, fiber and other indigestible compounds. Myenteric pushes human waste to the door, that depending on the amount of fiber can take from 12 to 24 hours.

If you are not going smoothly ...

Ideally, purgation occurs daily and is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms or discomfort. Bloating and heaviness in the abdomen, rumbling, pain and loss of appetite in the absence of the chair are signs of constipation. Constipation - the main problem of the intestine and the scourge of our time.

If defecation does not occur on time and indigestible particles, harmful bacteria and their by-products, as well as the allocation of the intestine stuck in, slags, toxins and poisons begin to be absorbed into the blood and thereby poison the whole body.

The more dangerous constipation?

Katsudzo Nishi , Created its own system of health and author of the book "Rules of purification"   says the risk of constipation are:

- Somootravleniem the body and overload the kidneys;
- Premature aging of the skin;
- Memory impairment;
- A decrease in efficiency;
- Impairment of general health.

 Let's talk frankly: gut health

Assorted debris

Constipation may result many factors, and in most cases they are the result of lifestyle. Consider the most common prerequisites for discomfort.

Unhealthy intestinal mucosa.   Sometimes the inner membrane of the intestine does not produce enough mucus to stool can seamlessly move to the exit. Because of this, they may get stuck there. Health intestinal mucosa supported vitamin A.

The indiscriminate power.   If during the day you eat raid, denying themselves in a normal hot lunch or generally eat very little in the gut have no time to form masses that can cause sufficient irritation to its walls to elbow to the exit.

Inadequate fluid intake.   Without normal amounts of water wastes not gain the desired consistency and staying solid, can not freely leave the body.

Deficiency of fiber.   The presence of fat in the body - a necessary condition for problem-free chair. People whose diets are the basis of meat, fish, eggs, pastries and cheeses are more prone to constipation than those who "rely" on raw vegetables, fruits and unprocessed grains. The daily intake of fiber is 25 grams.

Stress.   Experiences and stress are the most common factors that contribute to constipation.

 Let's talk frankly: gut health

Acquire weightlessness

Make life easy, learn, and follow basic rules!

Maintain the water balance.   To be a healthy drink on day 1, 6-2 liters of water, including, as the contents of dishes.

Eat slowly.   When you eat in a relaxed atmosphere, your stomach and intestines contract rhythmically, forming a kind of wave that stimulates the promotion of "garbage" to the exit.

Try to go to the toilet on the first urge.   Resisting the urge to go to the toilet, you are forcing the wastes remain in the body longer than that is laid, which contributes to dehydration and solidification.

Do not go on about the pleasures are not provided by nature.   If you practice anal sex, you should be aware that the sphincter located in the anus, was created in order to release the excess from the body and do not let him in. The frequent neglect of this rule leads to a lowering of the tone of the sphincter, which is fraught with "acute" problems.

Eat more fiber.   The source of natural fiber are fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains. Fiber is conventionally divided into soluble   and insoluble .   Soluble fiber By absorbing water when it enters the stomach turns into jelly. It gives a feeling of fullness, blocks cholesterol deposits, reduces the level of glucose in the blood. Consistency insoluble fiber   and it looks like a sponge, it gives the necessary volume of the masses, who expect a bowel movement. This type adsorbs bile acids, then to leave with them.

Maintain the population of beneficial bacteria.   Lactobacilli promote normal digestion, create favorable conditions for digestion and protect against infections by fungi and transferring harmful bacteria. You can get them out of live yogurt or purchase as a pharmaceutical drug.

Meditate.   Learn to relax, philosophical approach to life and the preservation of a great frame of mind in all circumstances. Your life will be easier and happier.

Be healthy!
Author: Natalia Bartukova