8 simple techniques against a sedentary lifestyle
 All day long you're cool like a squirrel in a cage. In the morning rush to the car to work, to solve a lot of very different issues, holds talks in the evening to dine in the restaurant, then again sit in the car and at home without power fall on the sofa. Is there a difference between you and a squirrel? Significant - squirrel running and you always sit.

At about the consequences of bullying malopodovizhnogo lifestyle I spend only one paragraph, so the most knowledgeable can skip it. Here they are - diseases of the musculoskeletal system (curvature of the spine, worsening sciatica, neuromuscular disorders fingers, hands and forearms), visual disturbances, hemorrhoids, headaches, and, of course, the extra weight (probably without him we no attention is paid Whatever numbness in the neck or on the noise in the ears).

Belinsky question is still relevant - what to do, how to fight? To your attention - 8 simple steps.


1. Turn to fitness.
Sign up anywhere - in the pool, aerobics, or dance in the shaping. Go wherever agree to go friend. Chances overcome laziness together is always more. If a company has a contract to rent the gym, colleagues and knocked forward. Ask the girls at work, where they are and what they do. That young girls - because the chance that somewhere to go "donuts" of accounting, negligible. Remember, soda is harmful, but it is right that together is always fun (Sign up!).

2. Do special exercises at work and at home.   For example, "Exercises of sedentary work" or "exercise to reduce fat cushions on the hips." Currently, we developed the whole set of exercises that you can easily find on the Internet. If sometimes you just forget about them, please subscribe to the mailing useful to be reminded of it. After all, fitness can be practiced even while watching your favorite show - in this newsletter will help "Fitness and aerobics at home from myJane.ru». Tips how to add movement to the office life, will dispatch "Fitness in the office of myJane.ru».

 8 simple techniques against a sedentary lifestyle

3. Good running errands. Forget the elevator , Car (at least on weekends), public transport (at least - where to go at least 3 stops). Use every opportunity to fight back a sedentary lifestyle. My friend lives on the 7th floor? Forward! Closed nearest pharmacy? Aida on foot to one that for two stops. Make coffee, attributed to the receiving paper clips to go for ... and nobody ever asked to "capture the same time" - go by herself. So are you satisfied with yourself healthy, "running errands".

4. redistribute home fitness.   As we share the housework? That's right, unevenly - her husband go to the store, the child in the garden, to the pharmacy, take a walk with the dog. And they themselves are preparing, wash the dishes, do laundry. Where is the equality? Husband gets continuous "walking", you - "marking time". So, if most have an extra 15 minutes, and at the same time better to walk part with extra calories.

 8 simple techniques against a sedentary lifestyle
 5. Dance!   Remember how you always loved discos. Now there is only the opportunity to dance at corporate parties or anniversaries in the restaurant. Make a selection of your favorite dance music and listen to at home. Listen then, under that you once danced at the disco. You'll see how one of the melodies under the «E-Type" or «Ace of Base» (I do not know under which you dance, and I'm under it) feet to dance themselves go. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy their own body and burn calories at the same time.


What else can help us to cope with the effects of a sedentary lifestyle?

 8 simple techniques against a sedentary lifestyle
 6. Bed.   The bed should be moderately hard, with no extra deflections, pillow - not too soft, not very high. The curves of the cervical should be as close to the physiological curvature. Go to the special department of bed linen in any department store - is now "useful" a dime a dozen pillows and almost all - "for a penny."

7. Chair.   The main sedentary work - a comfortable chair. It is best to choose the most useful configuration for the back (like a car). Perhaps at work on back pain and will demand a useful chair, buy a home by herself.

 8 simple techniques against a sedentary lifestyle
 8. Massage.   As we said above, with the sedentary lifestyle most affected musculoskeletal system. To rebuff osteochondrosis and other troubles, regularly go for a massage. There is an opportunity - take a course for the back and neck and neck area every three months, there is no - at least once every six months.

Movement - a slender life!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya