A healthy spine - active life
 All diseases of the nerves. And nerves of life. A wrinkle tears. And how can we take care of ourselves, where to start? And to think there is nothing. Begin with the spine. A healthy spine - it's a good posture, vigorous gait and healthy organs. And the nerves, too. Because the spine protects the spinal cord is - the most important part of the nervous system.

Remember as a child we had fun playing in the yard with a ball, "classics", galloping through a piece of string? A hide and seek, catch, badminton? When was the last time you saw a lively children playing in the yard?

That's it. Both we and our children suffer from inactivity - lack of movement. We are more and more sitting. In the evening - the television, then be moved to the kitchen, sit down at the table, the teapot and cake. After an hour we return to favorite sofa. Now, more computer, laptop added. Elan children have more and more irritated, "Sit down. Do not fidget. Do not jump. Do not run. " Listen to the instructions issued by their mothers and grandmothers somewhere in the park. Moreover, the "commanders" in this case, often sitting on the benches.

Immobilizing themselves accustomed to passivity, we allow the spine to lose flexibility and cushioning properties. There is a muscle atrophy and deformation of the intervertebral discs. Any displacement of the drive violates the nerve endings. This leads to diseases of the internal organs and joints.

Our spine pendulum moves left and right, forward and backward, and rotationally relative to the center .  On the one hand - the spine is able to perform these movements, on the other - they are required to maintain his mobility .  With modern lifestyle, we have some muscle overload and do not use other .  If a person sits eight to ten hours at his desk, lumbar and sacral receive additional load .  If you have to work standing in the same position all day, then again suffer the lumbar spine and lower joints, blood circulation .  When performing heavy work and carrying the pressure on the intervertebral disc between the fifth and fourth lumbar vertebrae, more than five hundred kilograms .  Very vulnerable cervical where vertebrae support the head, which on average weighs six kilograms .  Only one way out - to maintain the flexibility of our core varied exercise .  About this talk .

 A healthy spine - active life

The spine is stretched and in need of stimulation of special exercises.

Try several times a day to pull the spine.

 A healthy spine - active life
   - In the morning or evening, lying in bed, remove the pillow and lie down flat. Stretch your arms behind his head and holding the headboard, try as much as possible to stretch the body, stretching his legs. Now sit down, bend your head to the knees, while try to grab your toes. Feel the tension in the spine.

- Sitting on a chair, gently tilt your head and try to pull the chin as low as possible in the direction of the chest. Most likely, there will be pain or pressure in the spine. This is not a scary thing to do stretching sharply. Gently tilting the head from shoulder to shoulder, making the rotational movement from side to side, you remove the tension from the cervical and activate blood circulation, and this - the extra food vessels of the brain.

- Very useful several times a day to hang on the bar or any bar. This exercise relieves the spine of many problems. But unfortunately, not everyone visy under force or the horizontal bar is not always available. Go to any reliable crossbar at arm's length, or even lower, such as a ladder on the playground or heating pipes, stationary rack. Grasp your hands for this kind of support and try a little sit down, stretch the spine, fix for 10-15 seconds.

- Stretch your arms forward, lean, lean hands on the edge of a table or a window sill, cave in as much as possible and try to stretch the vertebrae of the lumbar and sacral.

- While standing, try to bend the spine in the thoracic spine, gently lowering his head down, shoulders while leaning forward. Make a motion as if trying to embrace the body of an imaginary ball, approached the chest. You can do the exercise sitting.

 A healthy spine - active life
   - Raise your right hand and tilt the body slowly to the left, pulling the arm to increase the amplitude of the slope. Repeat several times, changing hand and direction of tilt. Doing slopes gently lean back and locks in a few seconds.

Very good to do different twist. So called exercise, trainees rotational ability of the vertebrae.

- For example, turning the upper body to one side, and the pelvic region to another, as far as possible. Then change. Exercise can be done lying down, with his legs need to bend at the knees. In the "lying" twisting amplitude increases. Do not forget - requires a slow pace.

- Lying well pull the spine, pulling the breast leg bent at the knee, one and the other, alternately.

This is the most simple movements, which will help to stretch and then to remove stress from the vertebrae, muscles and ligaments of the spine, to ensure their mobility and flexibility. And they can carry between times during the day. Remember, a healthy spine - a healthy nerves and healthy organs.
Author: Tamara Rozinsky