After the holiday...
 After the holidays, many of us stand on the scales and was horrified to watch the arrow showing the weight gain. According to statistics, 90% of Russian women of all ages during the New Year holidays are gaining an average of 3 to 5 extra kilos.

Well, something to hide, we love to have fun ... but our food is becoming fatter and sweeter, not only for the holidays, but also in everyday life.

Considerable influence on us providing advertising, coercive buy far the most useful food. Maybe it should be on the commercials to mute? Most people react to it in the words, not the image, and the picture without sound loses its hypnotic power.

Unfortunately, we have long sought to West Bountiful, did not notice how our lives invaded McDonalds with its fast food, all kinds of Pepsi and Coke, displacing more useful and simple Russian food and drink.

It should listen to the recommendations of our nutritionists and doctors, and to make advance ration for her family, which consists mainly of fish, poultry, lean veal, beef, cheese, dairy products, cereals, pasta, beans, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, honey .

You can treat yourself to dark chocolate, marshmallows, candy, marmalade.

 After the holiday...
   You can try to eat well at least a month, and even then will be noticeable changes for the better. Perhaps many such food have to taste and future life.

Immediately after the New Year and Christmas holidays, even in the hope of regaining harmony, do not starve. Because, as we enthusiastically ate high-calorie dishes more than one day, the body's metabolism is slowed down, and overweight for some time will go slowly.

Nutritionists say that a week after the holidays, you can start to arrange fasting days, but again, the first month 1 time per week, the second and third - not more than 2 times a week. It is necessary to take into account the age and state of health.

In the vegetable or fruit fasting day is recommended to eat 5-6 times a day for 250-300 grams. vegetables or fruits. You can make a salad, seasoning it with lemon juice.

The Kefir day is recommended to drink 1 cup yogurt 6 times a day.

Protein diet on meat doctors do not approve, as they carry a heavy load on the kidneys and the heart, and dumped kgs will have to pay health.

During the diet you can drink clean water as you want, without gas, mineral water, cranberry juice, broth hips, green and herbal teas.

But in any case it is not necessary to get involved in diets - from exhaustion restriction of little power, but the mood is falling, there is apathy, reluctance to do anything, go anywhere.

 After the holiday...
 It is better to think about the rhythm of our life with the advent of technology of abundance greatly slowed ... vacuum cleaners, washing machines and dishwashers deliver us from domestic work, televisions and computers chained to chairs and sofas. Especially in winter many general laziness to get out of the house on the weekend. It should still show his fist brazen laziness and go for a walk in the forest, park, skating rink, to ski. After all, spending time skiing and skating, we not only partake of our hobby artists and politicians, but also strengthens the immune system, making the burning of fat is more intense, and therefore closer to the ideal of a slim figure. And besides, that to lose weight, there is vigor and rejuvenates the body.

Women who lead an active lifestyle, look much younger and fit their sedentary peers.

And yet, to lose weight, you need to protect the nerves, calm treat emerging problems, trying to solve them without succumbing to stress. Because scientifically proven that the nervous fat begins to strongly delayed in the middle of the body. So that calm will help preserve not only a good mood, but the slender figure.

And still good to make friends and organize trips with them. Useful as dance and yoga classes, especially now that there was a set of courses for adults and even the elderly.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva