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 We know that 76 100 people die from heart attack or stroke, and not by accidents and disasters. If for 5-10 years before humans had a heart attack risk factors affect myocardial postponed for many years.

He, unlike many, is not afraid of flying. We know that 76 100 people die from heart attack or stroke, and not by accidents and disasters. He does not believe the statistics, only a scientifically proven fact. His only weapon not know whether these figures are true! He has - work in the "First Aid" for two decades in the CCU. Meet Victor CHEREVKO, cardiologist of the highest category, the leading "serdtseved" Clinic of the Moscow Institute of Cybernetic Medicine.

- Victor Gerasimov, talking about life and death dry in numbers - is not the proverbial cynicism of doctors? Work in coronary taught you cynical about death?

- On the death in numbers - this is when the CCU, small, only 6 beds, in the course of the year 100 people die? More than "hot spots", this chopper ...

To know the value of what you call the medical cynicism, it is necessary to have a medical. When so many deaths around you, or feel about it. We can not die with each patient. CCU - this is a moral and physical point of view the work was hard, explosive. Massage heart - imagine what it is? Sometimes it is necessary to do for 20 minutes, and it is very hard physical labor. After 10 minutes, a work shirt, you can squeeze. Plus adrenaline. When doing resuscitation, it's about ... how you run! No time to think. First, I have a surge of adrenaline, then I enter the patient adrenaline and then ... Not everyone can be a "later" ...

We in the cardiology department of the city hospital was a constant fierce struggle with mortality. We are always looking for something new, to reduce mortality. Try new techniques, medications, first I put pacemakers externally, then I began to sew them, to do the operation - to us for help went out of the three areas. Then it was very difficult to go somewhere, learn the books did not have the equipment, drugs. I learned almost pacing on the move, using all available information.

- It was not terrible?

- Dies away! You do what you can and what can not. Broken ribs during a massage? If you do not break - die. You put a pacemaker patient. No one behind you is not necessary and not fear. It will not work - will die out - will survive. It will not come as a professor of the department to put a pacemaker? Between me and the patient other than God - no one.

The most terrible thing - it is a conversation with relatives ... And you even numbers: we have reduced the death rate - from 27 to 15%.

- These figures are hard work!

- Yes, resuscitation - a double edged sword: on the one hand death, on the other - a revival. It's a big thrill. Do not compare the cards or tape measure - the rate is too high. And the victory more encouraging.

- Who in the Clinic of Cybernetic Medicine, work safer?

- She has a different character. In intensive care patients coming in, when it's all there: the vessels are clogged, heart attack. Here he came to me 10 years ago - with cholesterol, with pressure, with anything - we could prevent all this. If for 5-10 years before humans had a heart attack risk factors affect myocardial postponed for many years. Now I have the opportunity to engage in prevention, the disease is when one of them does not know sometimes.

I'm sharing the problem to the problems of quality and quantity of life. The patient comes to the issue of quality of life - something he is concerned about, such as joint pain or a swollen knee. And then there is the potential problem that I see: high blood pressure, high cholesterol - and many do not think about them. We must convince him, because in 10 years it has brought to the heart attack. The knee did not shorten his life ... People often do not realize this. I'm trying for a course of treatment to solve the maximum number of issues, including the quality of life.

- So interesting to you?

- You do not understand - I actually changed jobs. When in '21 I did cardio, here I am engaged in cardiology, and not only it. We have to learn everything: both therapy and gastroenterology, and pulmonology - also science, they need to know. We've integrated treatment and the heart - the most integrated authority. In order to help the patient, I have to deal effectively with all the other health problems. For example, will the patient with an arrhythmia, which in addition tinnitus, ask me to put away his ...

- He went to a cardiologist?

- Of course! But he went to his doctor in the Clinic of Cybernetic Medicine and cybernetic medicine - the science of the relationship between the organs and systems science to see the whole person. Therefore, eliminating the hyperactivity of the adrenal gland (the main cause of tinnitus), I help to solve this painful problem for him.

Very often, I can view an analysis to find the causes of the disease, which is now worried about him, that was nedolecheno number of years ago. To grasp all this, it is necessary to know not only cardiology, and other medical disciplines. As a cardiologist, I tried everything. I even went beyond the usual cardiology as engaged and emergency cardiology and intensive care and coronary care led me to the heart surgery. I got there, expanding their capabilities, seeking, as a specialist, to cover everything.

And then I realized that many cardiac problems lie elsewhere: in infections, which in the kidneys, in the blood vessels in other organs and systems; violations of oxygen exchange, because oxygen - a "reverse" the energy of our body. The origins of cardiac ills - even deeper and further.

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