Healthy nails: an integrated approach
 Healthy, shiny, strong nails - the dream of every woman. But few people completely avoid those or other problems with this part of our image. And the problems are different from wrong, ugly form until the color changes, and increased fragility. Of course, you can either nail - polish, varnish, acrylic or gel to increase, and the appearance is quite decent. But whether this will solve the problem masking a nail?

The health of the nail can be judged only by considering it in its pure, natural state - without grinding and polishing gel lacquer and acrylic. Healthy nails have a flat elastic surface, the color pink, and clear-cut holes. Any deviation from the norm - a sign of malfunction of the body. But problems with the nails can indicate serious irregularities in the harmonious operation of the whole organism.

Let's look at them closely and compare it with the ideal! What's missing our nails to approach him?

To answer this question in each case, must be submitted, and what are the nails .  According to the scientific definition, the nails are additional formation of skin, dense horny plate covering the front part of the terminal phalanges .  The base of the nail - dense protein keratin polymers .  As is known, at the fingertips of many nerve endings, and nails have a very important role of protecting the sensitive tips of the fingers from injury and strain .  Located nail on the nail bed, the surface of which is strewn with small ridges and grooves .  Same scallops and grooves are on the bottom of the nail (in strict accordance with: each scallop on a bed its groove on the nail) .  Through this connection (scallop - groove) made meals nail .  A nail grows from the matrix, which is located under the skin of the last phalanx and extends to the knuckle .

Nails are very sensitive to external and internal exposure faced by our body, they remember these influences and "tell" us about them changing the color, shape and quality of nails. The lack of essential substances in the body, various diseases affect the nail plate. Within 3-4 months on the nail, this information is saved in "encrypted" form.

"Blooming" nail

Often seen on the nails white spots and stripes of various sizes and shapes, this phenomenon has a special name - leykohiniya arises mainly due to malnutrition or improper absorption of nutrients as a result of illness or stress transferred. So if you from time to time there are such manifestations, you pay attention to your diet, perhaps the reason leykohinii in an unbalanced diet: the body lacks protein, fat, vitamins. If the nails "blossomed" after suffering infectious diseases (flu, sore throat, etc.), We will deal with the problem and fortified food.


• If you notice that your nails become pale or vice versa, purchased unnaturally red, it is not necessary to correct the matter, painting over nail polish. Would be correct not to postpone the visit to the doctor, because such changes may be the first symptoms of serious illness.

• reddish-bluish color of the nails suggests that perhaps the body is poorly absorbed iron.

• Dim the nail plate, lack luster, yellowish-gray color, and longitudinal grooves indicate a lack of body protein and fat-soluble vitamins A, E, D.

• Cheerleaders must also be yellow or brown coloration of nails.

If, apart from the color, changing the shape of the nail, its transparency and thickness, very high probability of fungal infections of the nail (onychomycosis). Despite the abundance of antifungal agents in pharmacies, it is better not to self-medicate, because to define yourself in appearance nail pathogen you can not, and it is possible that your chosen medication is ineffective.

 Healthy nails: an integrated approach

What does the shape of the nail

Scientists had found a pattern of influence of certain diseases in the form of nail plate .  Thus, the tendency to organic heart disease, the nails are usually short and flat .  Large size lunula (half moon at the base of the nail) indicates predisposition to tachycardia, and its absence - a heart neurosis .  Asthmatics nails too flat, but curved, have acquired a tubercular tuberculosis protruding nails just as well in children with congenital pulmonary tuberculosis to the convexity adds more crescent .  Thin concave nails say about the lack of iron in the body and elongated nails - may indicate diabetes, thyroid disease can be assumed for the lunate form of nails, their yellowish color .  If the nails become uneven, with horizontal "wave" - ​​maybe the body is not enough folic acid (vitamin B9) and vitamin PP (niacin) and B5 (pantothenic acid) . 

Foods with a high content of folic acid:   dark green leafy vegetables (spinach, lettuce, asparagus), carrots, yeast, liver, egg yolk, cheese, melon, apricots, pumpkin, avocado, beans, whole wheat and dark rye flour).

Of course, to diagnose the shape of nails can only be experienced diagnostician, and then only indirectly, but any change in the shape, its deviation from the accepted norm, should be alerted.

No breakage and delamination of nails

Increased fragility, according to professionals, it can be caused by both external and internal factors.

The external factors, primarily ranked as a variety of aggressive detergents. They are often used, making them harmful effect is magnified, and the nail grows very slowly: its growth from the nail hole to the free edge lasts 4-6 months. Out of the situation - during cleaning, laundry and dishwashing use gloves if it seems inconvenient - to buy the soft detergents to protect and nail care to grease the hands and nails with a nourishing cream containing vitamins A and E and regenerating additives.

Intrinsic factor - again, the wrong food. Nail strength is needed calcium   in combination with phosphorus and salts of carbonic acid, but not only! It is important for the health of nails (and hair) cholesterol.   This substance (unjustly accused of many sins) plays an important role not only in the formation of hair and nails, but also in their ability to retain water. And the water is needed even with solid nails. If it is not enough, they exfoliate, split and break. Therefore, the cause of brittle nails can be overreliance sun and bezholesterinovymi trendy diets. To restore the strength of the nail in the daily menu, you must enter the cheese and dairy products, lean meat, fish, butter, seeds and nuts (except peanuts). Lack of vitamin C also entails a separation, brittle nails. Vitamin C is found in kiwis, tomatoes, apples, sauerkraut, sea buckthorn, gooseberry, orange, lemon, parsley.

And still like nails gelatin So that the different fish in aspic jelly and will come in handy in your diet.

Incidentally, a diet rich in proteins, minerals, vegetable oils, vitamins and gelatin, it is useful for healthy nails: with this diet they will become even stronger and more beautiful.

 Healthy nails: an integrated approach
 From outside the home means to strengthen nails can recommend special trays:

• 2 cups of water, 1 tablespoon salt, 2 slices of lemon - solution heated, give up and keep 10 minutes, repeat the procedure every other day.

• 2 cups of water, 2 tablespoons of sea salt, 2 teaspoons olive oil - and then, as in the first embodiment.

Treat bundle of nails can be olive oil, gently rubbing it into the cuticle in a circular motion. You can mix the olive oil with 1-2 drops of lemon juice, apply on the nail, put on cotton gloves and leave overnight.

And of course, the appearance of nails deserves careful attention, not only in terms of their health, but for reasons of aesthetics. However we were smartly dressed and fashionable, no matter how sophisticated makeup is not applied to the face, clean enough and broken nails that can become a little fly in the ointment, which completely spoil the impression of us. Therefore, taking care of the nails should be daily, like brushing your teeth.
Author: Olga Travleeva