In harmony with oneself and the world
 We have become accustomed to the fact that an integral part of modern life is the ever-present stress. He lies in wait for us at every step - at home, on the street, in transport, in store, at work ... In the meantime, the negative emotions caused by a variety of reasons, may have a negative impact on our state and cause serious injury.

So you must always be ready and know how to quickly and effectively deal with nervous stress and regain calm.

Splash of emotions
The basic rules that will be in harmony with oneself and with the world - not to keep emotions in themselves. In other words, if you feel that you have accumulated a lot of negativity, just need to throw it! This does not mean that it is time to swear, screaming hysterically and wringing his hands, leading to a frenzy of others. Pity their home, and colleagues, and go straight to the gym - this is the easiest way to get rid of stress. 15 minutes on a stationary bike or a series of blows to the punching bag, and my heart feel better.

 In harmony with oneself and the world
 If the exercise does not appeal to you, you can play darts, bowling, paintball, or the same computer Shooting - choose any option!

Of course, the best way to deal with stress - to go on vacation. A change of scenery, new experiences and measured perfectly restore power. Well, if to rest still a long way, and even you will not get any time off, have to be content with little. Coming home in the evening, do not be lazy to make yourself an aromatic bath (water temperature should be no higher than 40 ° C) and lie in it for 15-20 minutes. Add to it can be a few drops of lavender or peppermint oil, for example, from the Styx, Just or firms "New time". Well, enhance the relaxing effect of a soft melodic music that will help you tune in to a positive wave and relieve tension.

Ideal relieves stress breathing exercises. By the way, people who constantly practice in this area is much more resistant to external stimuli, and hence less prone to nervous strain. Even if you have no time to learn the entire set of exercises, remember the following: a few deep breaths through the nose and slowly exhale through your mouth can literally bring you back to life! The orderly breathing perfectly oxygenates the blood and promotes its active inflow to the brain, so you will feel inflow of forces and energy boost to help cope with any difficulties.

 In harmony with oneself and the world
If the stress is manifested distraction, and you feel that the focus on the important things in life you can not even, come to the aid of a light massage. Hard enough to rub the hands and ears, to feel better. More seriously affected invasive technique: you can massage the active points located in the center of both palms, under the nose, under his lower lip and ear lobes. Perhaps the procedure is not very pleasant, but quickly leads to feelings and returns concentration. The positive effect is achieved by using the principle of "like cures" because during this massage stimulates the nerve endings. By the way, as an alternative to sufficiently soak for 5-7 minutes on the applicator Kuznetsova, or Yogo use Lyapko-mate, and the result will not take long.

Traditional medicine
But those who are gym, breathing exercises and other methods provide only temporary relief, you must carefully observe a .  Nervousness, quick temper, irritability and insomnia have been tortured? So, it's time to go to the doctor, who can in person with you to adequately assess your condition and prescribe appropriate medications .  To be afraid of visiting a specialist is not necessary, especially now that preference is given to natural medicines .  In particular, the physician can prescribe drugs based on medicinal plants, such agents differ from synthetic analogues minimal side effects .  For example, the drug contains extracts of valerian Persen, peppermint and lemon balm, which quickly and effectively relieve stress .  This tool does not reduce the concentration and causes daytime sleepiness, which is so important for people who are accustomed to lead an active life .

 In harmony with oneself and the world
 Pleasant trifles
And, of course, a great way to cope with nervous stress - do what like, or indulge in something that kind. Maybe it's time to sign up for dance lessons, swim in the pool or enjoy embroidery? Finally, to meet friends or to arrange a day of unlimited shopping? And maybe it's time to transplant the same house plants in pots or striking new pots? Employment options crazy set, and they depend solely on the wealth of your imagination! Only you can know that it will bring you pleasure and mood for a positive wave, filling you with energy and peace. Be of good cheer! And the world will smile back to you, giving harmony and tranquility.
Author: Olga Larsen