Spring-cleaning. Part 1. Net brains ...
 Yes, yes, our brain needs periodic general "Cleaning". Imagine that our brain - a closet. Every day to "fly" elaborate promotional marketers frazochki, scraps of news and gossip, all kinds of tasks and "things to think about." And how many times we repeat aloud and to themselves the proverbial "do not forget it, or that"? Yes, better to forget, because otherwise on the shelf in our brain - the cabinet appears another useless piece.

But perhaps the most serious and harmful become "stale" on the "shelf" of our brain unforgiven insult to himself and to others.

And what role we have to play in your life? A caring mother, a loving wife, diligent worker, thrifty housewife, housekeeper and mistress ... And this is only the beginning of the list! Yet every role requires considerable time and energy impact, lightning ability to switch from one task to another.

As a result, in our closet, the brain is a constant rearrangement of content, something goes, something is put on the shelf close, but something is removed into a corner "just in case."

We are going through, rejoice, angry, hate and touches. And all the manifestations of emotions in the brain lay their "business card." As a result, a few months, the more years old, our brain turns into a pile of randomly scattered scraps of moldy and "just in case."

It is not surprising that over time we will not be able to find relevant information even after a long search-thinking, not to mention the situations where you want to make a decision immediately.

We are beginning to complain of memory fall into depression and hysteria and decide that the best way out - a holiday. It would seem that it is only logical that the overloaded human care, to arrange a couple of days-weeks of rest, begin to think fresh and easy to remember the forgotten. But then why is this magical metamorphosis does not happen? Because in order to give the brain in order, we must first work as it should. Work on yourself.

Oh, how we do not like that phrase! "Work on yourself - employment for neurotics with low self-esteem, and I am normal, and time on this nonsense I do not! "- Fended us. And do not think, and why we can not think of the idea that if, say, leave dirty dishes alone, she suddenly becomes clean and stacked in a pile piles of papers themselves will move and fill. So why do we believe that our brains will put the order itself, you just run after butterflies on the grass or lie down on the couch?

So, it is clear that we have to work hard. Where do we start? You might be surprised, but ... with the general cleaning of the house! And not just with cleaning and scrubbing every one of the far corners and nooks, pointing to shine pans and cutlery, and even minor repairs to apartments and patching holes in the toes. By the way, the ancient sages said that through holes and cracks leaking our energy, and make their way to us the negative outside influences.

What does the house cleaning our brain? First of all, attitude. We will gradually set up its own mind on the order, the need to break it down. Why, for example, a perfect remedy for stress, seizures and loss of self-esteem fall is dry? Because watching as dirty, unusable thing with our own hands becomes clean, sparkling and ready to eat, we become aware that we can make some effort. During the general cleaning in our head line up "dirty-clean", "dull-bright", "sloppy, neat," "bad-good". These lines are the basis of "cleansing" of the brain.

So, everything is shining - and the house, and our eyes. What's next? To fall into a chair and relax? Of course, but only in order to continue. Huge black spots left in our souls and minds of unfulfilled dreams, unsolved problems, hurt and pain. Why do we have this heavy load that is slowly but surely pulling us to the bottom? There is not a person whom none of this would have prompted the great positive achievements. These putrid worms eat us from the inside quietly and cynically.

Let's not be so cruel to yourself and get rid of the rot. To do this, first of all, to recall as many unpleasant and painful episodes. Whenever remembering another offense, imagine it as something tangible, such as old rags. Now, with a smile, forgiving themselves or their abusers, mentally throw this rag in a suitcase. Spare no effort to forgive - a sincere and open. We are all people, and therefore, we are fallible. You need to give yourself and others the right to mistakes and the opportunity to correct them.

After all the "rags" would be in an imaginary suitcase tightly close the lock and release the bag to float freely on the rough river. Or imagine how it turns to dust. It has become easier? Of course! We will begin to feel the lightness in body and soul, and the world begins to be painted in bright colors!

 Spring-cleaning. Part 1. Net brains ...
   Now the "Spread" with the notorious "not zabytkami." Take a sheet of paper and a pen. Slowly, we obtain from memory everything we wanted to do once, but have forgotten. Optionally, while spending hours in the pose of Rodin's thinker - quietly going about their daily chores, and when something comes up in the forgotten memory, quickly pull out a notebook or a sheet of paper and write. At this stage you do not need to try to organize your notes - just "dump all in a heap." Our goal now - free of trash brain.

All we remembered? Now, for some time has become a Cinderella and iterate "seeds." Striking out first from the list of all irrelevant, useless and meaningless. The remaining points are distributed over the time of their implementation, and then - in time units - in order of importance. And remember the golden rule: First solve simple tasks that do not require large expenditures of time and effort, and only then chugged on serious problems. First, the successful resolution of many small tasks will give confidence and encouragement, and secondly we will be able to focus on solving complex problems without being distracted by trivia.

Hint:   the timing and the degree of importance of the case will be the basis for successful daily planning.

So, to a perfect order in our closet-brain there are very few:

• learn to "pass off" useless information;

• Get into the habit every night draw up detailed plans for the next day, including in it such seemingly small things like a shopping list or menu for dinner;

• calculate how much time and effort we spend on empty classes (smoke breaks, "kofepitiya" talk on the phone) and to learn, if not completely deny yourself those little weaknesses, then, at least, to combine business with pleasure. For example, talk with a friend on the phone her new blouse can be on the way from the office to the customer.

• Be sure to learn to love yourself, cherish any, even the tiniest their achievements. Well-cooked soup or time deposited report may well be a reason to be proud.

Do not be lazy, spend your spring cleaning of the brain on a regular basis, then life will be easier and more interesting!
Author: Catherine Khetagurova