Ten facts about alcohol, you need to know
 If you are still staying in full confidence that drink after work is not harmful, and even, in a sense useful, then this post is for you. Try to take more seriously their beauty and youth. And some facts that you may have guessed, will help you make an informed choice.

1. Alcohol is not only short-term effects, and it can cause long-term changes in health.   Alcohol - is not only emotional discharge, and relax after a busy day. Drinking all the time, you will gradually destroy your body. In particular, very soon you will notice problems with the liver, in addition, over time, deteriorating memory, concentration, clarity of action. Would you like a few years have inhibited reaction and poor health?

2. Even a drop of alcohol can change your actions.   You did not know about this? Do not drink, and a glass and a drop can affect the physical and mental condition (it turns out, kills not only a drop of nicotine). So make no mistake, intoxication has many forms, and it is not necessarily an uneven gait.

3. If you are taking medication, alcohol is especially dangerous.   Never forget that! Serious side effects occur, for example, from the mix of alcohol with pills to normalize blood pressure. There are terrible cases. Therefore, always, even if the instruction to the drug nothing warns, do not get drugs and alcohol.

 Ten facts about alcohol, you need to know

4. Women alcohol absorbed into the bloodstream more rapidly than males.   Yes, men metabolize alcohol more slowly. Therefore, to equate men and women can not be dose. Keep this in mind when throwing a party, or celebrating something with colleagues. Do not be guided by the amount of alcohol consumed by others.

5. Women also die of cirrhosis of the liver.   In recent years, this statistic is particularly alarming. If earlier the disease is considered a purely masculine, today figures of female and male death rates from liver cirrhosis compared. Dying alcoholics - is not only a man, remember this.

6. Validity of alcohol is longer than you think.   Sometimes, even after a single dose of alcohol, its effect continues and 12 and even 18 hours after ingestion. So once again consider whether to take alcohol before an important event or going on a trip behind the wheel. Even sleep is not always completely eliminates the effect of alcohol.

 Ten facts about alcohol, you need to know

7. Young people drinking more and more.   Especially these statistics began to touch the students, not just the youth of dysfunctional families. Among the young as a high percentage of deaths from alcohol consumption, and the majority of students and youth injuries are directly related to the consumption of alcohol.

8. Nearly half of all medical emergencies, anyway related to the consumption of alcohol.   Think how many injuries and disease exacerbations could be avoided if you do not drink offerings. Therefore, should be encouraged, when they drink friends, colleagues and family? And the "drunk" the day in women, it turns out - Friday. It does not comforted by the fact that on other days of the week women drink a lot.

 Ten facts about alcohol, you need to know

9. Alcohol - a frequent companion of rape.   It's amazing, but the statistics are relentless. Moreover, the use of alcohol in some cases there is not only the perpetrator but also the victim. Never drink on the first date, statistics show that a decent percentage of rapes occur on a date, when meeting in an unfamiliar company. Another problem - drugs and, according to the research, it is also often associated with alcohol consumption. About Smoking also reminded too. Almost 90% of drinking women smoke.

10. Depression and alcohol.   Alcohol - not a sedative, he was not ever cured. And only exacerbated severe mental condition or psychological trauma. Depressions are treated, but not alcohol.

Excuse me, if something sounded sharply. And we are in the majority, are not alcoholics. And often it is not our problem. But if you have children, explain to them what kind of harm. And we ourselves are sometimes worth more responsible approach to alcohol consumption. Still, we are talking about life, youth and beauty. Drink it all takes us.
Author: Olga Larsen