Terms of sleep
 Trouble falling asleep often appear because of the abundance of emotions, both good and not so good. Agree, we can not sleep when we are exhausting at work, when we are experiencing due to the global financial crisis, when we return from a date and dream all night. Today, we offer several solutions and strategies for you to sleep better.

After all, lack of sleep leads to the fact that you become irritable, inattentive and can easily gain weight! Therefore, to deal with lack of sleep is necessary. In particular, you must learn how to "stack itself" to sleep.

Problems and solutions

Problem 1.
  Raise your hands those who fulfilled the office 8 hours, take work home, so that there is more work 8 hours. And just because of the "working" of the table - in bed. And the head is coming around, my eyes hurt, and you're spinning in hopes of finding a successful posture to sleep remaining time.

So, having finished all the work, give yourself 20 minutes. Drink of tea, go take a shower, take yourself to something to switch. Better, of course, to take a bath. Warm water relieves muscle tension, and coming out of it, you splash cool. In general, the system is akin to the behavior of the body during sleep. And you relax and fall asleep.

 Terms of sleep

Problem 2.   Quite often during dinner we watch the news, which tells how in the world is bad, and threaten that things will get worse. And then we start all night thinking how to repay their loans 5, pay for an apartment, and how to save the bears of the Arctic.

Nobody argues that it is necessary to think about it, but leave it in the morning. And now - relaxing brain series or movie. Positive charge will help you sleep better.

Issue 3 . Now, lying in bed, you mind your actions make a plan for tomorrow. Forgetting that in the morning you will spend as much time to think about what you thought yesterday.

 Terms of sleep
   Therefore, you have two options. Or relax and plan of action in the morning. Or in the evening to write what you will do tomorrow. And it is right. All you need to do at the time.

Issue 4.   What we usually still doing in bed? Scroll through the day's events in my head and think what would have happened if. Or that it was necessary to say something something, make something, go back and even then it would be ...

This usually happens when the day is filled with stress and adversity. In this state, you can always get lost. So just let go and forget. Make still nothing is impossible. The day passed, and took with him all the trouble.

Lay and constitute an insidious plan? Leave it for tomorrow. With a clear head you can more easily assess the situation. To switch - take a bath with aromatic oil.

What to do to sleep better?

 Terms of sleep
 1. Establish bedtime.   It is understood that sometimes we "go to people" and then go to bed very late (or early). But most of the life we ​​are still subject to certain modes. We set the alarm clock to wake up on time. So why do not we just stay up? Choose a time that is best for you, so in the morning you feel cheerful.

2. Take a bath.   As already mentioned, it is able to relieve the stress that has accumulated for the whole day. Sit back, relax, make a mask, get aesthetic pleasure. Let all the stress go away with water.

3. Organize the space where you sleep.   Suppose you will be comfortable and cozy. Hang dark curtains so that the light does not interfere with you. Choose comfortable pillows and bed linen.

 Terms of sleep

4. Ventilate the room before going to bed.   Let the fresh cool air. After a cold - the main one sleep.

5. If the pain interferes with sleep - take action.   Drink analgesic or call a doctor.

6. Avoid alcohol and caffeine before bedtime.   Not budorazhte blood.

 Terms of sleep
 7. meditate.   Breathe in this case correctly. You can try a relaxing yoga.

8. Find your posture.   Someone who likes to sleep on his side, someone - on the back, someone - in the stomach. Try to find something different.

9. If you are lying down for 15 minutes and could not sleep, it's time to change the scenery.   Go into the kitchen, into the hall to the bathroom outside. Then try again to go to bed.

 Terms of sleep
 10. Herbal Tea It will help you relax and prepare for sleep. Excellent help mint and chamomile.

Try one of the options, and you'll notice that the dream again to you back.
Author: Vera Karabutova