Tosca green and depression is what?
 I think that it is gray, as the low sky, lies on the shoulders of urban high-rises ... Taking advantage of the nature at the time of lost paint and how to nap, depression, deprived not only the appearance but also the inner world of bright colors.

If you look closely, one can consider it a depression. Someone she looks like a hunched old woman with a stick, goes, wanders, down dale. Someone - it silently howling in the corner of the subconscious shaggy dog. And some it may seem like just a pile of rags forgotten, a place that in a landfill.

And accordingly, the state at all different, someone - "what will that slavery still." Someone crouching in a little corner, misses seclusion, quietly whimpering, and someone just covered sleepiness and melancholy.

Doctors call classical depression depressed when a man nothing glad constantly engulfed in anxiety or in the future or in the present, he does not see and does not expect anything good in life. May be lost appetite and sleep, reduced working capacity.

Fortunately, most of us pesters seasonal depression . What should I do? Until the spring, bright sun and green grass is still far away. And spend many months without living, not enjoying life, just soured - sorry.

- Therefore, I propose to shake things up. Not just figuratively, but literally shaken off like a water dog. Scientists say that any natural shaking very useful for the organism, it makes as if to drop the negative energy and sets up a working mood for action creation.

- And yet from time to time be useful to stretch like a cat.

 Tosca green and depression is what?
   - However, any exercise, be it aerobics, morning exercise, walking, running, swimming, the usual Sunday walk - are excellent antidepressants. Even half an hour passed before the work on foot, stimulate the production of new brain cells.

- Surrounded himself with bright things, buy bright clothes. And if possible get a bright friends, there are those of the individual from which the energy is just sparks flying in all directions.

- An important condition is, and a good sleep. If you can not sleep, take a bath before going to bed with the addition of broth valerian root. Article 2-4. tablespoons minced root pour a liter of water, pokipyatit over low heat for 10-15 minutes, leave for 1 hour, drain and pour into the tub. The bath temperature should not exceed 37-38 degrees. Take it for 15-20 minutes. At night you can also drink chamomile tea with honey or a glass of warm milk with honey.

- Instead of the usual morning tea it is to drink tea with cranberry and black currant (suitable and frozen berries and jam).

- On the job instead of coffee is better to take a decoction of the hips, hawthorn and with a few berries of mountain ash.

- Cheer up any citrus fruit, as well as their flavor and color.

 Tosca green and depression is what?
   - Experts recommend to enroll in yoga or Chinese gymnastics. Excellent choice - dance aerobics. You can dance at home under incendiary music with friends. A friend of mine once told me that 8 years ago she fell into a terrible depression ... and helped her own grandmother. Every evening she taught her granddaughter dancing old-fashioned dance - twist, shake and Charleston. Granddaughter first resisted, then was involved and did not notice how healed.

- The mood picks up any hobby. For example, sewing funny animals or beautiful things of shreds. Bright patches of all women have a salutary effect.

- You can start drawing. In summer, because we have no time, I want to go out there and there. A winter evening just made for work.

- Depression can be iznichtozhit and poetry, inventing her funny rhyme or writing prose tale about the adventures of an insidious depression in the metropolis and its humiliating defeat and flight from Masha Neunyvaykinoy ...

 Tosca green and depression is what?
   - Will the therapeutic effect and aromatherapy. Oil rose, mint, jasmine, clary sage have a positive effect on the nervous system, is distilled off sad thoughts, tone and calm at the same time.

- One of the best ways to fight depression is to replace destructive thoughts to create. For example, there are two monkeys - white and black. You can not think of two monkeys at a time. And if black monkey climbs in your thoughts, you consciously replace the idea of ​​a black monkey thought of the white monkey. If you're thinking - "everything is bad, ugly mug I'm terrible, I'm in no way lucky", then just change the thought to the light - everything in my life, well, I'm perfect, life loves me and cares for me. Never mind that it's actually not the case and you do not believe it. Just the thought constantly replaces all your negative thoughts. If you do so at least a month, then they themselves amazed occurred to you to change.

- And the magic of cinema. You take a dry twig, rod, and say - "Tosca sorrow, go with me on this thread." Repeated three times, you take this branch and carries to the nearest fire or burn themselves in the yard, in the country and start up the ashes to the wind. All your longing evaporated. And you are free to start a smile of life, and it certainly will smile in response to you. Life loves smiling people, and they are lucky in business and in love. Look around and you will see for yourself.

So, go ahead - to a happy life, without losing the precious gift of time.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva