Anti-age begins in twenty years!
 This may sound a little strange. But more and more experts in the field of anti-age come to the conclusion that how you care for your skin at the age of twenty, depends on how you will look after forty. So how to care for the face in the twenty to forty "was not excruciatingly painful ..."?

The only thing is to warn all those who care about this issue - so it from a variety of phobias on the basis of premature aging. Rumor has it that even SharlizTeron suffers fear old age. Although at its disposal and a personal nutritionist and a personal beautician and masseuse ... No, let's not neuroses. Just have a few simple rules that should read and try to follow them.

1. No anti-aging!

It seems to know about it almost everything, but it is worth mentioning. In the 20 years of anti-age serum or emulsion can only do harm. Not to mention the intervention of injection or apparatki. At best, they will be worthless.

They say that Hollywood is obsessed with Botox .  Even 25-year-olds do it .  Harmful Does it ask? "It is not useful - that's for sure" - so says a famous cosmetologist Ellen Marmur, a specialist in dermatology and cosmetic surgery, Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, author of the acclaimed book "The simple beauty of the skin", which talks about how to maintain health and beauty of the skin at each stage of life .  "Girls 20, 25 years of age should know that now the most important task - to prevent future damage .  Because when we get older, we work in two directions: on the one hand, we're trying to fix something that has caused the skin before, but on the other hand, we are working to prevent future damage .  Now, the 20-year-old lucky they are working only for the future .  In this sense, if we talk about Botox in 20 years - it is rather unnecessary procedures .  The fact that Botox as LED therapy, for example - is a means of discharge "undo damage" .  And because 20 years is nothing to cancel, and then carry out these procedures is meaningless " .

Choosing a daily cream, pay attention to the fact that vitamin B - it restores the skin component that is more related to the product "30+", but in the 20 years needed vitamin A - it helps to maintain the elasticity of your skin young.

2. The main concern - the skin around the eyes

 Anti-age begins in twenty years!
   The main thing you have to do for the future of youth - this is concentrate on the skin around the eyes. This is the most vulnerable point in the future. The first rule is: every day, 365 days a year, take all precautions against the sun's rays. And there is no excuse for laziness or others should not be here! You'll see the result of their labors in 10-20 years, when the peers will be tormented with the selection of salon procedures. Use this area only to special funds for the skin around the eyes, a day and night products may be too concentrated and aggressive for this sensitive area.

3. Home protection skin - from the sun

"Crow's feet", enlarged pores, wrinkles, red capillaries around the nose and cheeks, dark spots, freckles - all the things that we do not like the age - this is the ultimate result of exposure to the sun. Cream with filters from UVA / UVB radiation may delay such as "crow's feet" for a decade!

Once again, every day, there is a sun or not, protect your skin (especially around the eyes) creams with SPF filters. The higher the numerical value of the filter - the better. Ideal to buy products with a value of SPF of 20. Although, the higher the figure - the more expensive means.

Maybe parrot, but still do it: NO sunbathing FACIAL!   Solarium or romantic getaway - only with sunscreen and sunglasses. This rule has no exceptions.

4. Purification and cleansing again

Another basic rule for twenty years - cleansing. The impact of the external environment - it's not just the sun. City dust, excess sebum - all of this threatens to clog pores and acne. Any spot of the young can recall his age. Acne, irritation, acne - it's stressful for the skin, and it is less than the longer the skin will remain young.

To remove makeup, use specific products. The best thing, if you will, besides the usual lotion, one more narrowly focused tool specifically for eye make-up remover. These are labeled «Eye Remover». They are not aggressive and at the same time even cope with persistent food.

 Anti-age begins in twenty years!
   One of the tasks of purification in youth is to keep the fat from the skin. Excess sebum - a common occurrence in the age of 20. If nothing can be done, the result may be all the same clogged pores, pimples then, and after the age of 40 exhausted permanent cure leather.

Wash with cool water every morning and evening, better mineral, if possible. Cold water helps to regulate the skin of the face fat balance naturally.

5. Moisturize

Dryness - the main sign of old age. Most women are still not aware that the facial skin may be thirsty. If you know the feeling of dryness, carry a spray with thermal water, to keep the face moist throughout the day. It can be applied directly on top of make-up. Now skin easily perceives water, glycerol is not necessary for the transport of oil or moisture in the deeper layers of skin or to hold on the surface. So it does not weigh yourself moisturizer. As long as enough water.

6. Carefully read the labels of cosmetic products, which are buying!

Now do it has become much easier than a few years ago, because recently the manufacturers are required to specify the full composition of its assets. Of course, the number one enemy - it is chemicals. Some not only useful, but even harmful to our skin. Completely avoid preservatives practically impossible (except for some hand-made tools, which are kept not more than days), but it is better if they would be as small as possible, especially the chemical origin of preservatives (parabens).

 Anti-age begins in twenty years!
   Previously, it was difficult to find deodorants without aluminum composition. Who are emerging. Try to use them, they are more secure. After all harmful elements eventually fall inwards and thus will act on the condition of a person.

Perfume better those based on essential oils instead of chemicals and will let evaporate. Now the industry is working on a persistent perfume without alcohol, watch for new products, for many brands are moving to this technology.

If you have sensitive skin - choose the components in the composition such as chamomile, aloe vera, green tea, they soothe the skin. Also avoid different fragrances in the composition, it is - an additional irritant for sensitive skin.

Required 20 years of age should take into account the fact that the cosmetics had nekomedogenna, that is, it does not clog pores. Such marking should also be on your cosmetic products.

As you can see, the rules is not so much. Observe even though these, and your skin will tell you "thank you" in 40 years. Remember the main thing - young skin is no need to rejuvenate, to the future, this effect does not accumulate. In 20 years, you just need to keep the skin constantly hydrated and clean, protected from the sun, and not burden it with additional day or night cream or serum.
Author: Julia Gnedina