From dawn to dusk
 What you need to do to feel your skin care and reciprocated. Modern means dictate a new approach to the daily cosmetic procedures that we have already brought to automatism. Maybe someone will have to change their habits? Do not be afraid - the answer is young, radiant and well-groomed skin. So, and your smile and self-confidence, and a sense of youth and carelessness.

This requires work. But if you think about it, this work is quite nice. After all, each of us enjoys them.


1. Cleanse.
  We go to the bath. But tap water is not in a hurry to open. No tap water! Wash your face with distilled or mineral water. You can wash the thermal spray. For more tonic effect keep it in the refrigerator.

2. smoothes the skin.   Morning mask - it only takes a few minutes. It is better to use a moisturizing mask. Put it on your face for 2-3 minutes, just until we clean the teeth. For much of the day, use the firming mask. For daily use - get ready mask brightens the skin. For young skin just enough to hold a minute a day cream on the face, remove the remains.

3. Full-time agent.   Perfect day cream must contain filters, vitamins, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and minerals. SPF day cream should not be less than 15, then it really will protect the skin. Strengthen day cream serum (daily!). Be sure to use special tools for eyelids and lips, do not trust the work of a day cream, it can not cope with these problem areas. Who developed enough specialized tools, new products are released each month, do not lose sight of that!

4. Vitamins and Supplements.   It should also be the rule for the daily maintenance of the skin. Pick up special systems that improve skin condition. If you smoke - take a day for at least 1 gram of vitamin C (in smokers above its consumption by 30%, and it is this vitamin is responsible for detoxification).

 From dawn to dusk
The line "Royal Orchid" by Guerlain: whey, cream, cream for the skin around the eyes and lips.

 From dawn to dusk
Line «Bio Cosmetic» by Yves Rocher: day and night means.


1. Again cleansing.
  Only the evening cleaning is significantly different from the morning. Even if you do not apply makeup, skin cleansing procedure in the evening - and a daily must. Coming home from the street, clean skin milk. Apply the lotion twice, leaving a long time in the face, do not rub the skin! Make sure to remove the remnants of milk lotion or thermal water.

What good milk, and what to choose:
• its texture should be comfortable for you: not sticky, not greasy, not too easy, listen to their personal feelings;
• If the jelly stings the eyes - the level of acidity does not suit you;
• Milk should not be hard to leave.

You can before cleaning "wash" mild cleansing cream, and then go to jelly.

2. smoothes the skin.   Buy massager to train every evening facial muscles, intense massage is also sure to tightens the skin and increasing blood circulation, is involved in detoxification.

Twice a week, I go to the beautician. On the other days - to relieve fatigue that had accumulated on the skin during the day, mandatory nutritional and exfoliating mask. The mask is able to penetrate deeper into the layers of the epidermis and do more thorough exfoliation and nutrition. Be sure to be present in the mask moisturizing ingredients.

3. Night agent.   Means for the night should ideally be aligned with your day. Do not use a day means the night. It has a protective function, filters, all this is useless at night. Since the night 30 years means you must complement the night serum. Any complexes sera which should be applied on each other in a specific sequence, and only then - a night cream. Perfect Serum - peeling, and there are already some well-known brands. Before going to bed drink plenty of fluids - are swelling that stretch the skin.

Do not forget about the individual funds for eyelids and lips. They come in for the night, and their choice Treat carefully, and do not skimp on these tools because they care about the most problematic areas of the face that betray our age.

Do not change money at night too often. At least a month is necessary to use another means to capture its effectiveness or in front of uselessness.

 From dawn to dusk
Line «Regenerist» from Olay: available day and night anti-age means.

Author: Julia Gnedina