How to choose anti-wrinkle cream?
 Fruit acids, vitamins A, antioxidants ... Ultimately, expensive anti-wrinkle creams, they really "work"? Or better to go under the knife Aesthetic Surgery?
The questions MyCharm responsible cosmetologist Marie-Estelle Rouge (Roux) - author of the book "50 years of top-age").

What now available anti-wrinkle creams?

First and foremost, there are anti-wrinkle creams, which is composed of antiokislyayuschie components, due to the presence of vitamins C, E and selenium, for example. They protect the skin from external attacks (pollution, ultraviolet radiation, etc.)

Then follows a group of creams on the basis of fruit acids, used mainly for easy peeling. The result for which they are intended - cleansing, brightening the skin and stimulate collagen production, which they reinforce.

  Finally, it is also a large group of creams based on vitamin A, the most powerful ingredient for the treatment of wrinkles, but as a rule, bad skin tolerance. So today there are many creams, compiled on the basis of retinol derivative of vitamin A - are better accepted skin. Their use is recommended, since 35 years.

All of these different categories of anti-wrinkle creams must also be adapted to different types of leather, as there is no skin with the same requirements.

How to choose a cream specifically for your skin type?

Thin and delicate skin should mainly "serviced" cream on the basis of vitamin C (the ones that favors the production of collagen) to return elasticity, and if necessary, to creams containing derivatives of vitamin A.

For young skin (20 - 30 years) for prophylactic purposes fit the same creams.

For a more dense and rough skin, in case, for example, people who smoke or many are under the sun, it may be advisable rather cream with natural fruit acids, to their peeling result that thins the stratum corneum, and returns the brightness of a skin, which is often a little dull.

When the skin is damaged by time and she has a lot of wrinkles, you need to focus on creams based on vitamin A, if the individual tolerance to it normal, or close to the type of cream.

How to use these creams? In what order, for example ?

First, for women who smoke, often under the sun or live in a big city, I advise you to use the morning creams with antioxidants to protect the skin during the whole day and in the evening to use anti-wrinkle cream (based on vitamin A and fruit acids). Such a composition is a cream that I myself must admit that very much, resulting in a very clean fresh skin.

Finally, it should be used regularly care for their skin, and change the types of products used every six months, for example. Probably, many women notice that the first new cream gives a stunning effect that gradually - to the extent of use, and disappears in the end the same extraordinary cream becomes useless. This is precisely the moment when it is time to replace the cream.

Price - whether it is a guarantee of the quality of the cream?

Yes, in the sense that if the price of cream is high, it is because the laboratory that produces it on the market, has a large budget devoted to research and the creation of a cream with high and effective molecules. But not in the sense that the resulting profits lies in the cost of such expensive creams enough in relation to the "normal" creams to justify such a price difference. In other words, if the cream is three times more expensive than the usual cream, it is, of course, not three times more effective.

Ultimately, anti-wrinkle creams, does it work? Or better yet go all-aesthetic surgery under the knife?

Wrinkle needed if to remember that regular use of creams can postpone the appearance of new wrinkles. After all, even after a surgical lift can not do without creams. But at the same time you need to really understand that anti-wrinkle cosmetic has only efficiency: they do not make miracles, they only improve the aesthetic result, give a better aspect of the skin ... But that's a lot!

Thanks for the interview!