Makeup after 40, 50, 60
 The girlish years, we have often said that vividly painted and abuse the foundation early. And like the moment when you can buy without fear all the latest trends in the field of meykapa and try, try ... But, you know, not for long. After 40 makeup artists warn again: less is better.

That is, the amount of makeup to age should be reduced. And where to apply our skills in makeup? There are far! Makeup should be less, but the skills to put it correctly, and all this time - more.

Of course, each has its own characteristics, each of us is aging differently. Someone more vulnerable hair from someone's eyes, someone's skin. Someone has already resorted to plastic, and some have not yet decided. But something in common makeup still there. Read these few general rules that work and if you are 40, and if you're over 60.

• Do not try to turn make-up to camouflage. Do not be who you are not. Make-up for the 40-year-old does not seek to hide the problem for 20 years, the main task of makeup - to hide some flaws and highlight the merits and not to draw a new face.

• The most basic problem is age - dry. Remember, all differ than the old? Dryness in the literal and figurative sense. So - a little more moisture! Drink plenty of fluids. Hydration should come not only from without but also from within.

• Lips - the most vulnerable feature of the faces of those who are over the age of 50. They give the most. So, if you are a young man they did not pay much attention, but now they have become the mainstream of your care. In addition, the lips - the most moving part of the person, their meykap must constantly correct and updated. At least once per hour.

• Most moisturize lips. Even if you have always had the habit, now old tools can not help, as before. Conduct an audit of your cosmetics. After 40 funds should match your age. Pleasant chapstick with a delicate aroma that satisfies you before, do not come now. Look for age-effective means. The main criterion - personal feelings. Humidifiers lip should not be too pull together after soaking or too fatty.

• Base makeup or tonal basis should be transparent or translucent. If you decide to paint yourself a new complexion - it's a bad idea. In addition to dryness, clogged pores and sloppy kind that does not give. Choose tools with a light texture that will shine through your natural color. Modern palette have sufficient scale of different shades, which enables the correct choice. Do not paint yourself a tan or vybelyat face with a tonal framework. It is better to go to a tanning salon or use bleaching serums or masks.

• If you used to use heavy creamy makeup base, then mix them with the day cream, then they become translucent, and will not look mask.

• Use reflective basis, it will give your skin the glow that naturally disappears after 40.

 Makeup after 40, 50, 60

• Buy a good quality brush. That's half the battle even and discreet make-up application. Focus movements brush must be upwards and from the center to the periphery. So, you like all facial features slightly higher as they were in their youth.

• Visit a professional who will show you the secrets of the proper application of makeup. Such workshops are sometimes satisfied with the makeup artists of famous brands at trade shows or in boutiques. Or go to the salon and make at least once a professional make-up, to learn from a professional.

• Look at yourself objectively and understand that the makeup techniques that you use 10, 20, 30 years ago, must change. Try a new makeup, new hair color, new hairstyle. This is not an experiment, it is - the imperative of our time.

• hair. It changes not only the color of the face, but also the hair and this is not only due to gray hair. The very tone becomes dull and sluggish, as the fading foliage. Its definitely need to regularly "refresh".

• Long hair - not the best option for women aged. Although there are pleasant exceptions. If your hair is getting good care, you can take a chance and leave long. But if a young man long hair - this is the most hassle-free option, aged long hair require even more attention than a haircut.

• As soon as you change your hair color, review and make-up. If the hair color becomes lighter makeup should also be facilitated. If you decide to make the color brighter hair - paint makeup also need to "pull" do more saturated.

 Makeup after 40, 50, 60

• The eyebrows can give your age and how you are caring for. Color eyebrows became lackluster. You can update the special staining in the cabin. Either do not forget to tint eyebrows every day before you leave home. Shape eyebrows should also be different now than in his youth. Since all features are starting a little "sag" is best done with light eyebrows, all without greatly lowered.

• Blush is better to choose a liquid, but the shadows - friable. The fact that the cheeks need humidifying. For a century, too, but is easier to roll liquid shadows, indicating all the folds, which are around the eyes, especially highlighting the fold of the upper eyelid.

• Avoid shiny shades, it gives age.

• Choose a natural, natural colors. They are what they are in nature: the colors of autumn leaves, the color of the spring sky, the color of natural stones and minerals. These colors are not bright and look natural and noble.

• Be sure to use ink with brush curls. The better eyelashes curled up, the more open your eyes, the less noticeable the lowered corners of eyes. Color mascara in black, gray or brown, bright color ink after 50 - it is vulgar.

• If you use eyeliner, try to keep above the outer corner of the eye, it was directed slightly up, or even horizontally, but not down. Then his eyes be what you had in youth. Indeed, in all the old features several "sag".

 Makeup after 40, 50, 60

• Begin and end with the make-up lips. In the beginning put any salve. Let it nourishes the lips, prepares them for lipstick. The final touch can become a special fluid that is placed on top of lipstick, it will consolidate the color, as well as not to dry lips.

• trace the lip liner as close in color to the natural color of the lips. After the paint strokes with the same pencil and all lips and then put on top of lipstick.

• For the hairstyle with hair pulled back the forehead must be perfect. Otherwise, it only give age. If you are not sure that you will be able to remove the disadvantages of the forehead with makeup, try on hairstyles with soft bangs. A clear line of bangs will look unnatural like a wig. Discard the clear contours and lines, better locks and a slight breeze.
Author: Julia Gnedina