Surprises age
 Growing up - not such a terrible thing, as many think. Yes, of course, our appearance changes, but on the other hand, we become wiser - I prefer to think of it as the evolution of beauty. Of course, all aware of the signs of aging, though? each of them, we wonder how something incredible ...

Remember as a child my mother said that we do not make faces, and then, and remain so? It turns out she was right. Repetitive movements such as blinking and frowning, leave traces on our face . However, this does not mean that we should stop smiling! If you are concerned about first fine lines, you can use one of the many means of filling.

Keep in mind that you can become a "silver fox"   much earlier than you think. Some people are beginning to turn gray in adolescence, while others keep their hair color up to 40 years. I found at first gray hair at 24, but it took several more years before this phenomenon has become prohibitively massive. So do not be afraid and do not be surprised - after all, it's a good excuse to find a hair color that fits you perfectly!

Oh wow! Freckles, moles and spots   suddenly began to appear here and there! Especially if you like to sunbathe. And if the freckles - it's still nice, the dark spots - not very much, so one way out - try not to stay too long in bright sunlight and use sunscreens or filters. If you still soak up the sun and prevention of late, you can help bleaching agents that if you remove stains completely, or at least reduce them.

How would categorically it may sound, but if you do a lot of sunbathing in his youth, then later you will look older Than your peers who avoid the sun. The sun not only stimulates skin pigmentation, but also makes it more rough and dry. You might think that this does not happen to you before 40, but it is not. "Toasting" the sun will show itself in 25-30 years. Moreover, leather, in which a lot of melanin is less sensitive to certain anti-aging procedures, such as rejuvenation. Therefore, it is useful to again advise use sunscreen regardless of your skin color.

When we were 20, we could walk to in the morning, drinking cocktails and smoking, and in the morning to look fresh and cheerful. But when we are under 30, then sleepless nights of alcohol and cigarettes have left traces on our face : There are swelling and bags under the eyes. There is only one way out: to control the amount of alcohol consumed and smoked.

Even during normal times of the day in the morning we can see on the face signs of fatigue   - First of all, dark circles under the eyes. Alas, we have to learn to love and to use masking agents.

But despite all this, it is not afraid to grow up. Yes, we are never going to look at 20, but we are becoming smarter and more confident and start causing more like it in the mirror.
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina