The era of anti-age
 Age becomes more attractive for women than before. If before a good-looking woman of 40 - it was more of an exception, and everyone said, 'Wow, how was saved! ". Now look young and 45 - is the norm, and 50 continue to take care of themselves - an affordable pleasure. If earlier look good after 50 and could afford actresses, dancers and TV presenters, now every woman is under force. Moreover, it becomes normal. Same as buy clothes and go to the hairdresser.

Botox revolution

Botox has changed our understanding of how to look aged. Now no one is surprised presenters who one day are changed so that they seem to have got a bit out of his time. Suddenly appeared on the screen, 18-year-old Galkin or eternally 25-year-old Tatiana and Larisa Verbitskaya Vedeneyeva or clearly rejuvenated Sergei Bezrukov. Do they use Botox - is hard to say, they do not advertise it yet, but that transformed much - it's a fact. And do it for a couple of days only with a proper diet and meditation impossible.

This procedure is not for everyone is available. Still to pay 85,000 rubles for multiple injections - it is for those who are "working face" or very wealthy women. But some advantages in this procedure is, and for those to whom it is still available. The fact is that it creates a a new standard of beauty woman after 45 and To which we are beginning to seek. And soon, you see, a woman of retirement age without wrinkles will become a normal instance. And not just because of the lifts and Botox. We are committed to youth, and thus rejuvenate the body, nourishing it from within, developing body, use age-care products and makeup. And all this leads to good visible results, and without Botox. So it is necessary to say thanks to Botox. Or even, rather than he, and his first propaganda: Demi Moore, Madonna, Linda Evangelista, who made no secret at the time, they reached a youth. Although a bit disappointing that we can not afford to rejuvenate themselves every six months by a pair ukolchikov beauty.

New sparing Botox

 The era of anti-age
 By the way, there has been a pleasing trend in youth injections. To us it is not yet reached, and can not come soon. But great that the world has come to this. Did you know that in Europe, for example, is considered to be not very good form to look much younger than his age? Ever notice how the French actress, for example, are different from the US. If in America, as we have, it is accepted to demonstrate their efforts to make it immediately clear how much you have spent on the last trip to the beautician. Not considered to be more than it is in every way PR, proud of it, flaunt it. In Europe in recent years more and more popular are considered weaker injection containing the drug to avoid getting younger too clearly, is not "blind" surrounding his youth, not to cry for their beauty.  The era of anti-age
 If Demi Moore is proud to be the last trip to the beautician it cost almost $ 500 thousand, then, looking at the Patricia Kaas, for example, it is impossible to say whether it does currently Botox, but that looks great - it's a fact. And by the way, more natural and mobile, in my opinion. Although it is, of course, somewhat younger than Demi.


Beauty-mania - this term appeared not so long ago .  They say even that is a form of addiction, almost a disease .  People who successfully yourself something brought up, can not stop .  And they want with every visit to the beautician, or surgery to look younger and younger .  Modern drugs such as Botox and Dysport this helped in his time .  They gave a unique opportunity to look younger, and almost overnight and without any side effects were .  Just when the end effect of the drug, you go and do another such injection .  It's simple .  Rr-time and you have 28, not 47 .  Who would refuse then again look at 47? But the 28 already interested .  I would like 25 at least! It's like in the fable: how much can get caps from one skins .  When a customer asked, and 10 soshesh? So they .  Always go to different specialists, and plucked them, "and a couple of years can be removed? " .  You can, of course you can, is responsible cosmetologist .  Only here will you then look at yourself - that's the question .  But this is they do not care .  The main thing - the task is set, it is necessary to achieve it .

When beauty craze disease - is, of course, is bad. But this phenomenon, I again see any much positive. When a company owned by the general mood to look young and well, a significant portion of people still do not run to go under the knife and began to study his body, his way of life and resorts to rejuvenate these the correct way, giving up smoking, alcohol, vegetating and laziness.

Age cosmetics "aging"

 The era of anti-age
 Previously labeled "35+" on cream means it is - a product of the age. Now women after 35 and have a wide range of funds, depending on their age. And these numbers are impressive! Here, for example, the domestic brand "Black Pearl" has a different line on the age and the extreme range of "46-55". Or, "Clean Line", where there is a line of skin-care products face "after 56". But most of all pleased with the brand Vichy, to offer a new line of "60+". Not far off is the time when funds become available on the shelves with labels 65+ and 70+. The same can be said about the salon treatment. More and more clients of beauty salons and beauty clinics - not the so-called women of working age, and pensioners. And many experts say that women take care of themselves, can not be too old. At least, many employee salons say that these women "stop" in the range "after the 45-and" and the exact age of these women is uncertain.

The era of anti-age, came in this century, certainly it brings a lot of difficulties. Some people may break and endless race for youth. But the advantages do exist. Health and Beauty began to look at the age of more loyal and friendly. Doctors already quietly help us and give birth after 40, and lead an active life after 60 and, although earlier it was impossible to imagine. Beauticians are not surprised that our requirements for facilities and procedures of anti-age increased significantly, a simple hydration and nutrition we are no longer satisfied. In general, the time of youth, which has already occurred or occurs, will bring us a lot more pleasant and useful discoveries.
Author: Julia Gnedina