What makes you age?
 Birthdays come but they do not have to bring you in your old age. Below, we explain how to preserve youth, without resorting to complicated tricks.

Our secret plan for the extension of youth: pay attention to the appearance of the first wrinkles, even if small.   "Most women are so zealously monitor the appearance of each new wrinkles on the face, that they forget about other parts of the body that might require greater protection," says Janie Downey, MD, a dermatologist in Montclair, New Jersey. Keep in mind that not only wrinkles appear with age, the aging changes the thickness of the hair, the teeth are no longer pure white. The key thing to remember: a luxurious shine to your hair begins to disappear; skin that was smooth, it becomes rougher. Also, each tool affects only the separate property, not focusing on the integrity of the image. So choose the right weapon and allow yourself to change for the better.


You do not have to talk about your age - pearly white teeth will say it all for you.

Payment for age:   years of eating and drinking can leave signal yellow or gray patches on your teeth (this also depends on tobacco abuse). But the size and shape also tell a lot about you. "As a young man you have strong and shiny teeth" - explains Dale Grieux, a dentist in Dallas. Over the years, the teeth are polished, losing its solid structure. In addition, your gums are not as strong, there are gaps between the teeth (the reason is a disease such as periodontal disease).

Turn back the clock:   peroxide-based whiteners deeply cleanse and lighten the teeth. If the teeth are worn, ask your dentist for protection, to prevent the destruction. To fix a very small damage to the teeth, crowns, or ask about other means of masking, and correction.

The neck and chest

Look for an area that is just below your chin. Like your face, neck and chest also fall under the influence of the environment, the adverse effects of the sun, wind and pollution.

Payment for age:   If you are caring for your face (using a moisturizing, nourishing and anti-aging creams), do not forget about skin care neck and decollete. Otherwise, you threaten to get wrinkled, dry skin.

Turn back the clock:   "It sounds simple, so treat the skin of your neck and chest on a par with skin," - says Dr. Downey. Every day, apply lotion with antioxidants and vitamin E. Consult a specialist (you may need a combination of cosmetics, mikrodermabroziya or laser), which will be cleared of age spots and give the elasticity of the skin. Injection. Use sunscreen daily.


Here you are struggling with not one, but three aging factors: time, chemicals and the environment. "25-year-old can have the hair of 50-year-old - and vice versa, depending on the level of impact of these factors," - explains Gary Travis, stylist in Atlanta.

Payment for age:   each cause of aging hair has a way to prevent it. Dry hair - this is your main enemy. Use tools that protect against damage to prolong the health of the hair.

Turn back the clock:   hair should look alive, dryness also gives only a dim luster or no gloss. "With age, hair requires more moisture" - advises Travis. Use the special moisturizing and nourishing agents. However, after washing with shampoo, conditioner or using protein therapeutic serum, to enhance the effect of protecting the hair and restore shine.

If you color your hair, try to follow the fashion trends. It is also important to soften your complexion, while you age. Colorist Louise Galvin explains: "The same tone that looked good when you were younger, it may seem too rigid with age." Hairstyle also should be selected in accordance with age.


"They take a daily blow," - said Dr. Downey. The reason for this harsh soaps, constant shuffling of paper in the office, as well as ultraviolet exposure.

Payment for age: as you get older, your hands look thinner and the veins become more visible - is the result of reduced production of collagen. Influence of the sun causes the appearance of age spots.

Turn back the clock:   you do not have to wear gloves if you use sunscreen and moisturizers daily. If you have thin skin, visible veins, consult a doctor, he will tell a procedure or a special tool.