20 using conventional dietary salt
 Sol - one of the most affordable food. It is in any kitchen. But it can be used not only in culinary matters. Discover clever ways to use this simple product.

1. Check the freshness of eggs. Add 2 teaspoons in a glass of water, stir until the salt dissolves. Then place the eggs into the water: fresh sink and rotten vstplyvut.

2. Save the fruit. To keep the fruit from browning should sprinkle them with salt.

3. Get rid of the odor. Remove to cutting board hands and smell of garlic or onions, you can use salt. Rub your fingers and board with salt.

4. Save the cheese. Extend the safety of the cheese can be, wrapped it with a cloth soaked in salt water.

5. Clean the oven. Sprinkle a handful of salt bottom of the oven, heat the oven. And then, when the oven has cooled, cleansed all much easier.

6. Get rid of ants. Cancel ant trails can, sprinkling salt gap.

7. Put out the fire. If the fat caught fire near the burner on the stove, the fire will extinguish common salt.

8. Plaster small holes. If there is a crack in the wall of the hole or of the nails, the following can be plaster paste salt, corn starch and water in equal amounts.

9. Melt the snow. If you need to clean the porch from severe frost and snow - snow, sprinkle with salt. Then rinse the salt trail, not to spoil the shoes, as well as to save the animal's paw.

10. Cleaning of clogs in the pipes. First, sprinkle with salt, then pour hot water. This will clear the pipe and deodorizes.

11. Cleaning the coffee cups. Normal salt removes stains and plaque from china cups.

12. washing colored clothes. Add 1 cup of salt in the wash the bright clothes, this makes the color brighter again.

13. Get rid of blood stains. Rub salt stains.

14. From rust. Mildew and rust can be removed with a mixture of equal parts of salt and lemon juice.

15. Freshen the air. Salt absorbs odors. Make orange and salt air freshener. Remove the flesh from the halves of an orange and pour it instead of large salt. Such freshener can operate up to a week.

 20 using conventional dietary salt

16. Relieve pain feet. Take an invigorating foot scrub to alleviate swelling and fatigue: salt and a few drops of lavender oil. Massaging gently.

17. podlechites sores in the mouth. Rinse your mouth with salt water, to treat ulcers in the mouth.

18. Cleaning the dishes. Fat pan, sprinkle with salt, then wipe with a paper towel. Salt destroys fat.

19. Clean brass. If you have the brass accessories for the home, clean the following pasta: salt, flour and vinegar. Wrap it a brass thing, and then rinse and polish with a soft cloth.

20. froze glass. If the windows are frozen and covered with "patterns", then wipe them with a saline solution (1 tablespoon of salt to 1 cup water).
Author: Julia Gnedina