How to fulfill their New Year's fitness promises
 Many a chiming clock to lose weight will make come true. The most responsible decided not to hope for miracles from Santa Claus and gave promise of a diet, do not eat after six, regularly go to the gym. Unfortunately, the majority fails to fulfill promises only the first week of the year. How to make to fulfill their New Year's resolutions?

1. Adjust the target. Focus on those promises that you can perform. For example, the goal "is not chocolate at all" difficult to achieve. But, promises "there is no more than one dessert a day 'or' eat chocolate slices no more than 1 per day" - more realistic.

2. Make a list. It may just be listing purposes. Perhaps more detailed diagram of the ins and outs of each item. Every time you start to limp and lose its purpose, you will be able to return to this list and it will be a great motivator.

3. Share with your friends. You can tell anyone that will make come true the New Year to meet the prince, or get pregnant. But his fitness is not necessary to keep promises to yourself. Your relatives, friends or colleagues can support you in your quest to lose weight. Well, if you find a "friend in distress" and will pursue objectives together.

4. Keep track of your results. Celebrate your small successes on the road to the big goals, it will help motivate to continue the fight against excess weight. For this purpose, useful food diary, and regular weighing times a week.

 How to fulfill their New Year's fitness promises

5. Reward yourself. Each small victory must not be ignored. Reward yourself for keeping promises. Just do not cake or pastries, as well, such as shopping.

6. Observe discipline. It is important. Because new habit is formed in 21 days, and if you want the changes to become part of your I - if need 6 months. When planning keep this in mind and choose a long-term diet and fitness program, not fast.

7. Do not give up! And do not despair if you do not achieve the desired. For example, it did not work to lose 5 kg in January - give yourself a rest for 24 hours, and start all over again. At the second attempt must succeed!
Author: Julia Gnedina